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Osseous break


An osseous break refers in the dream always to a break in terms of demolition and ending. In the rarest cases the tip is connected with the dream symbol that one is overtaxed a little bit and can come so to damage. It is very important with this dream symbol to look which bone breaks. This is to be interpreted symbolically. In the rarest cases this dream symbol points to real injury danger.
  • arm break: The arm break limits the legal capacity of the dreaming terrifically. One cannot reach any more, that is in the figurative sense that one cannot understand any more and grasp something. Thus one can also not act any more sensibly.
  • fractured leg: The fractured leg limits the locomotion of the dreaming sensitively. With it one economises in his mobility and freedom.



  • osseous break suffering: Honour and dignity.

(European ones).:

  • break a limb mass: Miss of enterprises.

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