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The Woollen or ball of thread in the dream is into each other a winding, in the figurative sense something which one can hardly disentangle. Who rolls up thread, wool or other textile threads, needs a lot of time to come in the awake life to a useful result. If the threads are one single desert mess, points to fickle thoughts and ideas which one cannot move. The dreamt Menschenknäuel often circumscribes the fear that one does not come with an application to the train that too many people could join in the conversation in certain things.



  • trouble, but little profit, - disagreeable matters or business involvements, - also: in the advertising around a certain person one will have to count on substantial difficulties,
  • see rolling: your work introduces a little,
  • Wollknäuel with dark colour: one should endure with his forces, because there stands a laborious, but successful work before.

(European ones).:

  • means a lot of work with little salary.


  • see: laborious and endless work approaches you.
(See also knot, labyrinth)

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