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  • see: irritating things will strike you,
  • see playing: glad event at home, - also: Success in his enterprises may expect,
  • see running: a disagreeable message expects you,
  • see scrapping: in quarrel and quarrel get, - also: one watches out to be involved in bad matters, - also: you will pass a competition,
  • see learning: you get good employees,
  • see bathing: Frustration get,
  • see crying: you are ashamed to an action,
  • see laughing: you will be angry.

(European ones).:

  • see: if luck or new arrival to the family,
  • promises
  • see one with beard: Illness.


  • new arrival to the family,
  • see scuffling: you will be got involved by friends in an ugly matter,
  • see playing: you can be happy about your enterprises,
  • inform: Luck in your plan.
(See also 'gods', 'boy', 'children')

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