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Association: - spiritual community, - retreat of worldly interests. Question: - Where in my life I long to get together with my spiritual like-minded people?


A place of the silence and self-contemplation - but also an excellent possibility to avoid the reality and the demands of the life. Just the symbolic meaning of this 'island of the peace and the seclusion' is to be understood: One is afraid of the 'real life' and inclines to the reality escape, and if for this problem a satisfactory solution offers, one takes there shelter - even if one submit 'to strict rules' (and on individuality renounce) has to go. Sometimes also: a selfpunishment dream in which one would like to atone 'for something'. If one feels in a cloister moved, one would like to hold mental stop, bring more rest in his life probably also. The picture of the cloister is also valid as a symbol for a confusion of the feelings. Nevertheless, at the same time will get, this state hid from his friends to. We need a stronger reserve.



  • see: devout thoughts will comfort you during your misfortune, - also: you will do a nice trip,
  • enter: one wants to limit you in your freedom,
  • stay in it: bad people will stay away you.

(European ones).:

  • announces a cosy life, for single also quick engagement or marriage,
  • emergent: one is discontented with the present sphere and looks around after a new one,
  • see: Rest and peace,
  • go in: tender joy at the age,
  • look in a shelter: the future will be only freely from worries and enemies if one meets with the entrance of the building no priest, - this happens, one will try in vain to escape worldly worries and mental grief,
  • enter into one: if brings blessing,
  • are in one: one will be able to enjoy in the next future the advantages of good community,
  • seen a young girl a cloister, her virtue is put to the proof.
  • with a young woman promises this that she leads an unselfish life, while she helps other in their grief.


  • go in: you will assume a church office,
  • see: you have to fight with Widerwärtigkeiten.
(See also hermit, church, 'monk', 'nun')

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