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If the dreaming hears beating it in the dream, he realises that he must focus his attention anew. Maybe he gives to a part of his personality too much attention. Possibly he is too introverted, although he should give more attention to external matters. If the dreaming knocks in his dream at a door, he would maybe like to play in the life of another person a role. Before he enters the area of life of this person, he waits for the permission.


Spiritual Even of the dreaming the permission gives him To continue with the spiritual trip.



  • hear: are surprised by a news,
  • hear in the door: a visit announces itself,
  • knock: Help need,
  • even with a hammer etc.: you will talk from yourself make,
  • carpets: you expel your envious people.

(European ones).:

  • hear: Fear, concern and disagreeable news,
  • awake of it: the news will have serious consequences for one,
  • also: protect your tongue and one is sure on the way luckily.


  • even: disconcerting news,
  • hear: pleasant news.

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