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Association: - strive for higher, - laborious growth, - achievement. Question: - What try I to reach?


Climbing dreams have many meanings. Climbing is often associated with fight and the final success if the summit is reached. Particularly climbing a mountain can be seen as an escape from the reality how to escape wish of the dreaming, to the present life all or part. In general it requests to the rise by new knowledge and examination which is connected, however, with some efforts, - this can also refer to the professional area. The degree of the difficulty with which the dreaming climbed can reflect the progress in the awake life and show how he concerns the everyday difficulties. They can be the other symbols for the present prosperity, own achievements and the feeling of the personal fulfilment. The view of the dreaming of the point - and what he on the way saw - if light on the dilemma of the awake life could throw. If the view was darkened a little bit, the results can have for the access to personal problems. The dream symbol can also indicate that the dreaming maybe avoids difficulties, or tries to get away from something. It also has something adventurous in itself, - one wants to come under efforts to the luring aim, and this often goes off not without scratch. By the climbing one can never feel quite sure - because there is maybe not enough the necessary self-assurance in the awake life. One also considers how one felt by the climbing. Wanted one to reach the summit fast, or quietly, because one knew, one would come, finally? The feelings can express as one feels general making headway in the awake life. Climbing without achieving the aim shows the fear of the failure while doing a certain job or while finishing a plan.


At the spiritual level climbing in the dream means rise, - the dreaming climbs to attain the enlightenment.



  • on a rock: do not overestimate your forces,
  • in the rock: you must make an effort very much to improve your post,
  • on a tree etc.: do not presume too high, you could be easily grasped by the dizziness and do a bad case, - also: a forbidden love affair lures you.

(European ones).:

  • warns about rashness and opposition, - also: Signs of business prosperity,
  • on a tree etc.: announces honour, - your permanent position will improve,
  • on a rock: a lot of obstacles oppose you,
  • on a hill or mountain hinaufklettern: one will be able to overcome menacing obstacles which are in way of a successful future, - on the summit do not come: there will miss those plans which mean to one mostly
  • a ladder or the last rung hinaufklettern: one will succeed in the occupation, - besides, breaks the leaders: one unexpectedly gets in need, and accidents can happen,
  • on the wall of a house hinaufklettern and suddenly opens to itself a window to let in one: one will go forward with extraordinary strength against the advice of the friends, - and although one will succeed with it, pain overpowers occasional about that.


  • on a tree: you will have to go long to free ones.
(See also 'falls', 'mountain', 'wall')

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