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Often she points to the rubble what one could translate positively with the holding on in the traditional. But the burdocks also hold together with which the solidarity could be meant in the deliberate life. And her spherical flower brains stick in all which comes to her nearness what circumscribes somebody of whom one does not get rid in the awake life any more because he is like a burdock.



  • warning of meddlesome, tiresome people. You are restrained by a person in your freedom.

(European ones).:

  • see: one will be overrun by obtrusive people, - also: one will struggle to get rid of a disagreeable load and around a change of the surroundings,
  • are bothered by these: one should not be used from others than means for the purpose of,
  • on somebody throw: one would like to experience something unusual.
(See also adherence)

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