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Association: - Work on the emission of emotions. Question: - Which part by me must be made universal or be substituted?


Plumber indicates the expected help in a problematic situation. Presumably because he also moves one or other 'pipe', he (also) symbolises sexual activity. But, actually, the plumber and his work is valid as a symbol of the 'canalisation of feelings' - water is always the symbol for the emotional area. The man who works with the tongs and fixes repair-destitute can also circumscribe that we want to finish a not very successful period of life and begin something new and the tongs are in the figurative sense the natal tongs. If he must deal with unappetizing things like with strongly dirty water, one has suppressed himself lately in negative emotions, for example, like jealousy or envy. If he has a congested drain has cleaned, could refer to blocked emotions which one should allow to 'run off' maybe, nevertheless. It could also be a tip to fathom the 'depths' of the personality.



  • see general or speak: do not believe what one says that,
  • see working or his: in a big embarrassment get,
  • see soldering a management: the tensions with a friend are soon settled.

(European ones).:

  • means generally that one should be anxious of his advancement,
  • be: one will have to escape himself from a difficult situation.
(See also tongs)

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