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Association: - Self-image, - female. Question: - Who am I? How female am I?


The dress stands for the life dress, the 'packaging' which we give to our inside and appearance and brings needs, expectations and qualities to the prelight. This can mean that one should show them more clearly outwardly or hide from others. Not without surprise, with shame, some ascertains, he has carried quite an unusual, inappropriate dress in the dream. Or he has gone, what especially embarrassingly, very scantily dressed, in the shirt through the most animated streets. It was astonishing, besides, only, that the environment of the passers-by that many people on the big main square in it no impulse taken, have looked around the half-naked not at all. Just only the dreamer is meant before himself. In any respect he is drawn inaccurately, so not in order, or he has given himself a big nakedness. He or those dreamers carries a veralterte national costume in the dream, - he is drawn festively or sees himself mixed suit at the inappropriate place in an oddly joined, often male and female clothes. The dress is also very often stained. The meaning of the clothes dreams becomes clear immediately if one considers the function of the dress. Apart from the fact that it protects us primarily which holds together body warmth, the dress is secondarily an especially evident expression of the social ones, the social position. Still few decades ago every social layer had, had also the single professional guild her special dress, her national costume. The clothes dream really deals with him what we call in the psychology 'Persona', explain because with that, what we ourselves outwardly or inwards and introduce. The well drawn one is, like the man in the suitable occupational dress - possibly as a mechanic, as a shop assistant, as a doctor or as a priest - socially at his place. If now the adaptation, from the soul seen, is insufficient if we have given nakedness to ourselves, we are just insufficient or badly dressed and aspiration to us are often very afraid in the dream of covering our lack. Similar dreams can happen to us if we are outwardly überangepaßt, seem i.e. to us too importantly, have become identical with our role in the world. Then the clearer looking soul shows us how poor basically our life dress has remained. She can also use the contradicting picture. Then our exaggeration, our vanity lets us in a tasteless, garish-coloured lift stroll along. Often the person visits a clothing house in the dream, and now there garments and skilful haste are offered to him at which he is often surprised very much. Thus he must buy if he lacks in the life tradition an ancient dress. On the other hand the colour as a name of the psychic function plays an immense role. The mental type would need a dress or coat which also contains Red of the feelings, - the intuitive may remain not without green of a natural reality setting, meanwhile the carried too far feeling type to which according to experience more women belong not without blue a little of the thinking should be. Now and then a person whom lacks a certain delicacy of the feeling for the ugly and unfair must be taught by the dream. He comes home from a business with dirty clothes or has incomprehensibly squalid hands. Another variation of the Bewußtmachung lies in the dream of that student who searches in vain his books. In his bookstand he finds only laundry of young girls. An older lady who was much younger with pleasure carried in the dream compensatory the grey, distinguished dress of her grandmother who had knew how to be old in dignity. However, she carried that dress disorderly and had decorated it with coloured tapes ridiculously. According to accompanying circumstances the following individual meanings are still possible:
  • of beauty, precious or magnificent dress can promise luck and success, warn now and again, however, also about vanity.
  • dirty dress stands for failures, torn for aggressiveness.
  • burning dress warns about defamation of character and defamation, - this is also valid if one washes the dress.
  • one interprets
  • after the colour the dress as follows: red for pride and arrogance, - yellow as a cunning, - nice green as a fulfilment of a wish, - black as a sign for dear problems.
  • everything is not
  • drawing we a disorderly dress in, in our soul in order, - we must dress another in the awake life in the figurative sense, so that we can find the way back again to ourselves.
  • a dress from grannies wardrobe which mostly older dreamers draw translates the wish to become old in dignity and not to pay attention of the Spötter which grudge something to us.
  • carry a dress from the youth, although one has already arisen, means that still childish carries in himself or in a certain dress of a certain life situation is reminded.
  • dress can take off a loss announce, above all in a love relationship.
  • Who takes off a dress before others in the dream, either his superiority about traditional morality and tradition would like to prove or gives itself a nakedness.
One also follows the colour of the clothes which go by our dreams, and other symbols to attain a very extensive picture of our personality.


The woman of the fuller dreamt, she carries black clothes, however, can be retuned and puts in instead of their white ones. She lost her son, found again him, however, after three days. In this manner the white garments were more luck-bringing than the black ones.



  • shop: Reconciliation with enemies, - the living conditions will change positively,
  • sew: your diligence will be recompensed, - also: you will enter a marriage or love,
  • the old: you should not be ashamed to your poverty, - maybe you are richer than some with a lot of money,
  • from good material own: beneficial future,
  • stain: Money comes to the house,
  • stains: your honour will suffer damages,
  • the dirty and torn: your despondency leads in the life to nothing to good,
  • tear: Rage outbreaks and quarrel with members of the family,
  • draw an ugly one: are tormented by grief and remorse,
  • draw a nice one: you will make an acquaintance,
  • decorate: Engagement and wedding is called off,
  • carry the nice: Honour, luck and cosy relations,
  • carry long: a very serious thing occupies you,
  • briefly carry: neither money nor knowledge are sufficient,
  • too briefly: bad shops,
  • see the silk or carry: your situation will improve very much,
  • tear the silk: you will damage to yourself,
  • depart: a disappointment in the love experience, - also: is not too credulous, - it would be better to keep some things for itself,
  • put away: one should gain control of his life better, because, otherwise, disadvantages threaten,
  • brush: you are dragged onto a gossip,
  • wash: let to the thrift admonish, - one will be able to create annoyance of the neck, - also: you strive yourself free of charge, the opportunity is missed, wait,
  • see burning: Insults, defamation,
  • the black: a funereal message will sadden you,
  • sulphur-yellow: Falseness and jealousy will excite you,
  • the blue or green: your wishes will come true,
  • the white: you will soon marry,
  • the red: you will become haughty,
  • the coloured: you will go on a trip,
  • the grey: heavy work,
  • with gold embroidered: Luck and honour.

(European ones).:

  • according to the goodness of the dress is to be recognised the longing for better relations, - one also hides something,
  • no clothes own: meant a fullness of the goods of this world,
  • have a nice one: one lives in good relations, - luck and social prestige,
  • many own: to a young person these unfulfilled hopes and disappointments,
  • promise
  • draw a precious one: one will have luck,
  • draw a white one or carry: one will be received pleasantly,
  • a blue one: if brings joy,
  • a red one: if points a haughty character,
  • a yellow one: points to falseness and intrigues,
  • a green one: it will come true hope,
  • a black one: one will be moved into grief,
  • hung up ones: mean illness,
  • carry a golden one: one will receive a nice, but not seriously meant promise,
  • one with gold see the embroidered: if luck and honour,
  • promises
  • own such a golden-embroidered: if brings profit and good shops,
  • carry such a golden-embroidered: points to murky days and heavy work,
  • silk ones: you will take the desired position in the life,
  • a too short one: one, or feeling of inferiority lacks something unnerve the appearance in the environment,
  • carry the squalid, dirty: means bad progress of the shops, - the behaviour compared with others leaves much to be desired,
  • poor clothes: advise more thrift and modesty,
  • one depart: one should not be so credulous and keep some things rather for himself,
  • wash one or to the cleaning bring: one should form his life from so away a little more economically,
  • see colouring: according to colour this bad luck or luck announces,
  • tear: one inclines to the abrupt rage,
  • burn: one will or be slandered offended.


  • depart: you will lose a friend,
  • the blue: loyal love is given you,
  • see burning: you are slandered,
  • carry the yellow: Falseness and jealousy,
  • the green: your hopes are fulfilled,
  • iron: you will receive relational visit,
  • the nice: you will come to good hopes,
  • the black: you will lose your lover,
  • wash: one will slander you,
  • carry the white: Luck in the young love,
  • the torn: you will be bothered by an obtrusive person,
  • the silk: Prosperity and honour.
(See also nakedness and under single colours)

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