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medicine wheel:

Key words: The shade, - the femininity, - the emptiness, - magically. Description: Blackbird is called a bird's kind with sharp narrow beak. Blackbirds are partly from gleaming black. Some have other colours in the wings or in the head, seem most often here the colours Yellow or Red. One can observe these birds often close to water. General meaning: The shadow part of your nature, - investigation of your female being. Association: From black skin colour. Transcendent meaning: The emptiness enter, - which receive gift of the magic which can be used to good and for bad purposes.


A blackbird sometimes shows the female side of the psyche.


The aping blackbird describes bateleur eagle and guys who know all tricks.



  • hear see and singing: Bringer of bad tidings of a sad message (because of the black plumage),
  • only hear singing: pleasant acquaintances make, - receive happy news.

(European ones).:

  • black throttle: one wishes something certain in the life and is discontented not to have it or to be,
  • hear see or singing: Portents of a happy message or happy event,
  • see flying: one will have to show in future big practical or moral courage,
  • several together: the situation will improve probably,
  • is sometimes valid the blackbird also as a death messenger, but one may attach to him none to great importance.
(See also throttle,' birds')

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