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Complaints is valid as a possibility to call the minds. Hence, in the dream it can express the endeavours of the dreaming to step with a power in connection which is bigger than he himself. We know constant complaints - this - not compassion, but rather malicious pleasure generates. Hence, some dream researchers translate the moaning and complaints in the dream often with the pleasure which people (or us this) give to us. If the dreaming hears in his dream how another person expresses his grief loudly and persistently, he realises the feelings of this person. If it is the dreaming itself who complains, he maybe concedes to himself an emotional outburst which would be looked in the real life as unseemly. Who complains in court, his own opinion wants to put through without taking into consideration losses.


With misery shouting and complaint sounds bad minds are banished. The dreaming should ask himself what must be 'exiled' from his life.



  • complain about something: you will experience joy,
  • complain: pointless work do,
  • a juridical one sound: one needs your help, - your friendship is searched,
  • at court: one wants to deny to you something, position yourselves on the feet.

(European ones).:

  • hear a juridical one: there approach communications about disasters and grief,
  • she will have to endure
  • Hearing a young woman complaints, grief and worries and be left alone maybe in disgrace.
  • other hear complaining bitterly about the loss of friends: if signal difficulties and a lot of grief from what, however, a lot of joy and personal maturity arises,
  • complain about the loss of relatives: by illness get closer to the companions from which shining chances originate.


  • hear: Joy and profit.
(See also court)

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