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On the one hand a box reminds of the coffin, of death and offence, on the other hand, she promises astonishing in the dream. If one carries the box, press to a worry to be able to lose something important. On the other hand, a box hides her contents from the eyes of strangers. If it is closed, a secret is preserved. A secret of nobody is opened, and one boards up one, one is anxious keenly to keep a little bit anyway for himself. Sometimes she indicates ('Ready is the box!') a good end. If she stands, however, for problems with a 'relationship', it would help if one could remember the contents of the dream box. What is hidden in it, could prove an informative connection.



  • empties see or own: in miserable relations get, - also: warns about a theft,
  • full ones: with belongings are roofed,
  • discover a treasure in it: in the life no more financial worries have,
  • board up: is quiet about your plans, otherwise they are thwarted,
  • close ones: before a secret stand,
  • open: a secret is ventilated,
  • carry: Death with friends.

(European ones).:

  • old, rotten and broken ones see: indicates at annoyance and obstacles, - difficulties in all matters,
  • new and open ones: Worries or losses,
  • carry: disagreeable times,
  • full ones: everything will come up to you in the life in fullness, - wealth,
  • promises
  • full ones open: a secret is entrusted with you,
  • empties see or open: Worries, efforts and frustration, - poverty.


  • empties: Incommodities with people, - frustration, worries,
  • full ones: you will receive a present.
(See also board, box, wood, chest)

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