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Cupid (dear God)

Association: - Divine innocence, - angelic child. Question: - Where is my mind anew born?


A dream motive which should point to passionate, but only passing love. The naked dear God in the shape of a child points to love affair which are rather superficial. He appears in the dream, however, mostly only to person who have dealt with the mythology and her shapes, is no archetypal sign.



  • see general: Success in the courtship, - you are reloved,
  • see how he shoots at somebody: one should watch out for interference in the matters of other people,
  • see how he aims on itself: if announces a new love relationship which will not be long-lasting, however.

(European ones).:

  • confidence wakes trust, - the darling or the darling thinks of you,
  • see the arrow on itself directed: indicates at a love affair which is not, however, from continuance,
  • on somebody see shooting: one should not interfere in other people matters.

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