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Association: - practically, - normally. Question: - Where in my life I am ready to unfold my practical side stronger?


Often the attention of the dreaming is drawn to the size of an object which seems in the dream. Gravel is to be understood in this connection as a tip to the small details. Gravel is sometimes interpreted as money to which one will soon come. However, more often the risks which make the other life unwieldier are expressed in it. If the dreaming slips on gravel, this means that he takes unnecessary risks in the everyday life and should better avoid them.


At the spiritual level gravel stands in the dream for the microcosm.


(arab.): see: big monetary entrance, inheritance possibility, -
  • see gliding by the fingers: one will not use his chances and suffer with it financial losses,
  • enter: unsafe position, one wants to take away something from you.
(European ones.): unexpected luck, rich harvest or good reward for a disinterested action, - also: stands for fruitless plans and enterprises, -
  • together with mud: if unhappy speculations and the loss of property,
  • announce
  • strew with it a way: by care one will avoid an accident,
  • prepared it to a difficulty to go along on a gravel way one will come in financial difficulties. If the walking on gravel is easy for one, means the slightly earned money.
(ind.): a lot of luck, big profit, rich harvest, big inheritance.

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