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Nurse can express with young women the wish for a child, but also in the negative one the fear of it. The nurse sometimes symbolises also the fear of sexuality. Now and then the unconscious also wants to indicate us that we can create something certain in the deliberate life hardly from own strength. Anyway one depends on foreign help. If one sees a nurse which a child nurses, this mostly promises that a plan will develop favourably. Who sees himself as a nurse, must fear that he is used in the awake life by his people.



  • see for children: Incommodities experience,
  • see for adults: Luck in the occupation, transportation,
  • be: one will harvest ingratitude.

(European ones).:

  • of children seen: Grief and frustration, - bad news, - see (for young women) it means pregnancy or longing for joy of motherhood, - for others: Invitation for the child baptism,
  • see in activity: if such indicates at quick need,
  • see which a child nurses: great success in the present situation is to be expected,
  • drink even from their breasts: unexpected success,
  • be: you will have ingratitude for your trouble.
  • be - for women: They will be responsible widow or for the care of old people or toddlers,
  • see themselves - for women: depend on itself to earn the living.


  • you will be invited and dine with distinguished guests.
(See also midwife)

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