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Pine (conifer)

medicine wheel:

Key words: Peace, - reassuringly, - connections creative. Description: Pines are tall conifers with a trunk itself branched to branches, with reddish bark and needles which come out either in pairs or to fünfen. This type of tree forms egg-shaped plugs. Many parts of the pine are if they are properly prepared, eatable, - the needles own an especially high vitamin C content. Pine seeds are a delicacy. Other gifts of the pine are a bad luck, amber and Kiefernöl. Staying close to pines looks deeply reassuring and helps to dissolve feelings of guilt. General meaning: Your connections with the earth and the sky perceiving, - reassuring, more peaceful surroundings finding out. Association: Pine, lower jaws and upper jaws, - melancholy, - because of somebody or because of something suffer. Transcendent meaning: The everlasting Now understand or get to know.


A nice-grown, old pine verhieß provide after dream books of the antiquity a healthy, contented age after one and busy lives. She sends a reminder in addition, of habits which have turned out advantageous, to stick and not to be deceived towards outward appearances.



  • see: if you are moderate, you will reach an old age,
  • pine needles: you will take a sick person's vacation (from: rub themselves with rubbing alcohol - mountain pine pine-).

(European ones).:

  • means a healthy and contented age which one is able to reach only by frugality, - also: Success in all enterprises, - good news for older nevertheless health danger for younger people,
  • a dead one: if grief and worries prophesies to a woman.
(See also tree)

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