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The primitive weapon of our forefathers is a symbol for uncontrolled, aggressive propelling energy. Who dreams of it, has fear to be overpowered by an unpredictable event and to feel killing itself afterwards 'how'. As a women's dream it can also mean fear of a 'overpowering', but emotionally cold sexual experience with (rather unbeloved) partner, which one - for which reasons can also not escape always - ''. However, club also points often to internal strength and determination with which one should assert himself in the life successfully. If one swings them or hits somebody with it, one must count on the difficulties and opponent which one will overcome, however, without big problems.



  • (fight club) see or in the hand have: do not play with firearms, it could meet you easily a misfortune,
  • swing: you defeat your enemies and succeed, - nothing lets you like,
  • club blow: Care, one wants to do to you heavy harm,
  • (thigh piece of animals) see, carry or of it eat: give up the gluttony if you do not want to ruin yourself.

(European ones).:

  • registers that one will quieten his enemies,
  • hold in the hand: one will come to a firm decision,
  • hit somebody with it: One will try to fight against enemies,
  • with one are hit: an enemy reflects nothing good, - a friend throws to a 'bat between the legs'.


  • swing: means that you will overcome all your envious people and enemies and quieten.

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