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Evening dress


If one carries them themselves, a meeting approaches, - one pays attention to the colour of the clothes to infer from whether it concerns a happy or a sad event. The evening dress sometimes also points out to the fact that one would like to make more from himself. If one sees himself in the dream often in elegant evening dress as a beaming centre of a society, one must wait currently still 'in the start holes', but the career death is hardly to be detained. The dream already anticipates the reality: one wants 'completely upwards' - particularly if one appears in incalculable Red or in black and gold. These are the colours of the power, the wealth - so to speak, status symbols (tails, big evening evening gown, jewellery, uniform of high-ranking officers, saloons etc.) one Sees other in festive evening gown, one is afraid to be dug up by a competitor or a competitor. (See also Eva, clothes)

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