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Association: - Chains, - combined strength. Question: - What hinders or does strengthen me?


Chain can be understood in terms of jewellery. If she appears as a chain, feelings, values, norms and ideals or people appear in it to whom one feels engaged, - this mostly asks to rid itself of these chains which hinder the life. Just as strength is necessary to sprinkle the chains, it is also necessary to receive them. If the dreaming calls himself in the consciousness what holds back him, he sees through as he can escape from the chains. However, the chain can also symbolise the wish for security and rest. Already with Artemidoros the symbol of the feeling itself engagedly, in the positive one as well as in the negative sense. The dream action mostly gives explanation about the kind of this connection.
  • with the necklace comes it on the material from which she exists, - possibly of gold, diamonds or pearls.
  • The connections in a chain stand often for the communication elements which the dreaming needs to escape.
  • Tearing a chain by itself, a separation approaches.
  • of tearing we them, we stand before a fresh start which promises success.
  • Who feels tied up with a chain, does not reach in the life overmuch, because he itself not (from prejudices
?) can take time off.


At the spiritual level the chain stands in the dream for bondage and slavery, for dignity and unity. The chain is a very ambivalent (double-valued) symbol. It is an old symbol of the connection between sky and earth, between two extremes or two living beings.


A chain indicates because of the name and because of the quality to surround, the wife (wordplay: halysis = chain and alytos = insolubly, - the wife is the partner of whom one cannot free himself.),-of the distant commercial involvements which are neither reassuring nor pleasant. The chain is tied because from many limbs and makes the tied up despondently. Also she indicates delay and impediment in the enterprises.



  • see or hold: one should try to shake off disconcerting thoughts,
  • of iron see: jealous disputes,
  • carry an iron one: bad times go towards,
  • with an iron one be tied up: it will oppose of the difficulties other to our development,
  • silver ones: your relations will develop tolerably, - a row of pieces of luck and successful days,
  • golden ones see: wealth waves to you without luck,
  • golden ones given receive or carry around the neck: one may hope to live still long in luck and health,
  • from flowers: Wedding and joy,
  • on feet: Shutdown in the occupation and the friendship,
  • see somebody with one: one feels too strongly engaged and strives for more freedom,
  • lead somebody in it: triumph about his enemy,
  • are tied up with it: one cannot reach everything for what one has planned, but, therefore, should not resign,
  • to chain clinking hear: one must count on awful news,
  • tear: you overcome the difficulties,
  • tear from others: a friendship comes to an end,
  • see torn: grievous hours approach.


  • in any form promises
"chain" the solution of a problem. During the next days some old difficulties can be simply got rid unexpectedly. Other interpretation possibilities arise only from the connection with other signs of the respective dream.

(European ones).:

  • one is depressed by a load of which one does not want to inform,
  • an iron one: if announces Widerwärtigkeiten towards which one should walk, however, resolutely
  • see a person with one: one is strongly bound to this person and looks for freedom,
  • with it be tied up: one will be put out to hard check, - points to a murky future, - on the way of the separation run into difficulties, - sometimes request to let go, finally, the past
  • hear jangling: bad news which will affect for the future unfavorably is to be expected,
  • tear one: one will have the strength to free himself, finally, from restricting relations,
  • carry a black chain on a ceremonious event: a positive omen for a romance,
  • a golden or silver cervical small chain or arm small chain: if luck promises in a love relationship,
  • see a golden one: if prosperity,
  • promises
  • golden receive to the present: one finds out from a person loyal affection, - for young people means the engagement,
  • the coming luck shows
  • A golden chain around the neck of a woman, by a friend or lover.


  • see: Grief and worries,
  • of iron: lonesome age,
  • of gold: quick wedding in the family,
  • are tied up with it: because of a confusion in your matter it will not advance,
  • break: your energy will further you.
(See also diamonds, chain, gold, pearls, jewellery)

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