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Waiter (in)

Association: - Work on serving, - servitude. Question: - Which service is I to be performed ready? Where am I fed up with serving?


It symbolises the qualities which he should have: Friendliness and skill - during a service (or assistance). The meaning of this vision is directed after whether the dreaming is served or is served, however. If is ersteres the case, the ability of the dreaming expresses itself in the picture to look after other people and to prove to them services what one may not exaggerate, however, up to the selfjob. Applies Secondly, the dreaming has be maybe spoilt the need for advice and help, as well as and with esteem to be treated. Because one orders his food with a waiter, the vision can also symbolise the patience which the dreaming must raise if he wants to achieve a certain aim.


At the spiritual level the waiter asks in the dream of the dreaming two things: Readiness to serve, and patience.



  • see: one will be put in future not only on himself, but find support in the execution of disagreeable works, - also from certain people: you will have to pay your debts,
  • from are served especially obliging: a warning, that to proceed not too much in the sphere of influence of other people, but to remain independently,
  • waitress: Luck in brief love.

(European ones).:

  • refers to indecision and Untertänigkeit, sends a reminder to self-confidence,
  • see: one makes a new acquaintance in a restaurant, - one deals with dubious people, - also: Sign of comfort, because one can be served with pleasure, - for men is valid this also for sexual services,
  • are served by one: one will have to look shortly after a sick person, - also: a friend will soon need help,
  • be: somebody influences so strongly that one threatens to lose his independence, - also: one will need himself help of friends,
  • waitress: if a glad future promises.


  • see themselves: you will lose your independence,
  • see waitress: you will enjoy a cheerful future.

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