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The wedge as a dream symbol registers the dreaming that he must still only disclose the situations in his sphere. He should move something to the right place, so that he can be open and honest constantly. Because the wedge is every now and then also a supporting element, it is possible that the dreaming needs more assistance in a topical situation. Nevertheless, at the same time he must watch out to become dependent on this support. Nevertheless, mostly he stands for a person or a thing which wants to solve the dreaming from a respect or dissuade from an urgently presecuted aim.


At the spiritual level the wedge in the dream symbolises spreading the time and the condition for the fact that in the life of the dreaming something happens and that his dreams come true.



  • discord, - also: one wants to make your love unfaithful to you.

(European ones).:

  • a third one has his hand in the play. One will have by him with business plans problems what leads, finally, to informal separations or estrangement of lovers or friends.

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