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Cones / bowl


Cone (cone) symbolises chances and risks of the life and one is often warned about too high risks or should count not only on the happy chance. Who bowls in the dream, would like to have it pretty easy in the awake life maybe sometimes. Aim, however upsetting is possibly a lot of cone what can refer, therefore, to ambition. If all cones fall, this announces to finish a risky matter successfully.



  • see: Dear luck in view have,
  • other observe with the skittles: one should get involved in no risky shops,
  • push: if one is deaf compared with warnings, one must count on serious consequences, - also: you try a new thing, - also: one would be warned about ventures in professional or business regard if one wants to avoid bigger losses,
  • all nine cones all at once hit: Luck with speculations and in financial matters generally have,
  • hold: an illegitimate child comes to the house,
  • put up: Luck in the love,
  • drop: you finish a love affair with noise,
  • lose: Loss suffer,
  • win: happy experiences await.

(European ones).:

  • see or push: is valid for unhappy commercial enterprises, - no big ventures undertake, because they do not run out well, - also: one wastes energy and misses opportunities, - one should be careful with the choice of his friends,
  • everybody sees falling nine: the risqué enterprise which will succeed, however, only at the last minute,
  • watch the play more different: one will avoid a nuisance.
  • push: you venture too much,
  • see falling: you push your luck of yourself,
  • put up: try your luck of new one.

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