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Outpatient clinic


The dreaming 'shouts' after help. He would want that his plans are put into action immediately. However, in it also lies a danger. By having and impatience he can obstruct to himself all ways. If one dreams more often of the application of an ambulance with blue light and alarm tone, presumably live one (with pleasure) dangerously, reaches without hesitation for all what is not certainly healthy, but guarantees fun makes, and hope that one is saved at the last minute dependably - all the same, before what, how and from whom. One has delivered the responsibility for the life long ago - there is over and over again a person who plays the 'emergency doctor' - or for one?


(European ones).:

  • help, assistance, - quick fulfilment of your wishes, - good sign for love and occupation, - a happy idiom of the destiny approaches,
  • an outpatient clinic carriage with blue light see approaching: Omens for a misfortune,
  • are carried in an outpatient clinic carriage: They will soon fall seriously ill.
(See also alarm, doctor, hospital)

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