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Purchase / shop


Buying points to the will to get something what one does not have yet and then stands for unfulfilled needs. This can also circumscribe more stability which we have lacked up to now. One can pick out something what we lack unconsciously also from other symbols. Purchase (buying) can also warn about careless expenditures.



  • in general: is not rash, otherwise you have damage,
  • a house: you want to marry, however, it is still a time,
  • objects: watch out for waste,
  • yard goods: you will get quarrel,
  • materials and clothes: you expect a lover,
  • foods: you will get guests, - is friendly with them.


  • of a purchase to dream the dreaming person sends a reminder to pay attention better to her financial means. She inclines currently to the waste and the buying satisfies them not really. She should mistake earthly goods not for luck and search the true values of the life. (Man

(European ones).:

  • or in a department store is or with a businessman act: if promises use and profit,
  • make: one inclines to the waste,
  • buy an amount of articles: Warning before the coming difficulties, - one should let in financial matters care prevail,
  • consider by the purchase every expenditure thoroughly: if is a luck-like sign,
  • in own business people appear for the purchase: if means increase of the possession.


  • clarifies objects: you are not contented with your destiny.
(See also shopping, store)

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