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As a function of the dream circumstances the anvil in the dream can be a symbol for the basic forces of the nature, raw power or a catalyst. While one gets in the life in a situation which puts to the proof one, one misses himself with the natural forces. Once as a symbol of the vital spark and the initiation the anvil was a very strong picture. Today the spark plug has often stepped in the car to his place. If we work on the anvil ourselves, we want to knock out something out of our soul which depresses us. The unconscious demands more self-assertion in the awake life often in this manner also of us: We should be possibly a hammer instead of anvil. The anvil (as the known expression) thereby often points out to the fact that everybody is of his luck a smith and bears even for it responsibility whether forthcoming changes are favorable or unfavorable. If other hammer at it, one wants to make us quite pliant and lure on a way not very favorable for us. If the anvil falls down or shatters, one is warned about an unhappy exit which can change the whole other life with lasting effect negatively.


The anvil stands in connection with the old-northern divinities of the smith's art. New life forge, beginnings create, new get going is the spiritual message which he transports. Anvil is a symbol of the virtue, bravery and strength.


The smiths and the standing position in the anvil indicate excitement and griefs, to a marrying, however, a woman who is good-natured on the one hand, because of the bellows - they blow because together - on the other hand, cantankerous, because of the hammers, - then these hit noise.



  • in general: Forge the iron so long glows, - goes to the darlings, she expected you, - does not hesitate,
  • see: to you will be expected a lot, - Li> indicates at frustration with friends, - losses in the play,
  • hammer even on one: one wants to reach by force something what will hardly succeed, however,
  • work the way up even to one see (hammering): you will overcome everything firmly.

(European ones).:

  • see anvil: indicates at loss in the play, - dispute with friends,
  • hammer at it: one wants to reach by force something what one will hardly manage,
  • work on patiently an object on the anvil: now by diligence and patience one can overcome difficulties, - the good work makes later profits possibly,
  • hot iron and spraying sparks: amusing work,
  • work on it, hit: you will have a lot of trouble and work, - the destiny accepts new forms, - these can be successful, but also shake the existence,
  • see falling: the basis of the existence is shaken,
  • for a farmer: Promise to rich harvest,
  • broken: good chances by negligence have missed,
  • for women: poor fallen of powerful people are to be expected, - the means to the success lie in your hand, - to reach, however, around this, you must work under difficult circumstances.


  • see: avoid the play, you are not accompanied by the luck,
  • hammer at it: you will lose in your stupidity a lot, avoids the bad friends and hears on your woman.
(See also hammer)

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