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Association: - Denial of the sexuality, - restriction of the creative strength. Question: - What do I feel concerning my creativity or sexuality as menacing?


Such dreams can be so disconcerting that one can call them nightmares. Feelings of guilt and feeling of inferiority can be expressed by this dream symbol to be potent the fear of the dreaming too old, too unattractive, not enough. It signals in general suppressed propelling needs and sometimes points also to the refusal of the partner not to be able to satisfy a certain woman the sexuality generally, or on the fear, there. The dream symbol can signal difficulties and conflicts by the integration of male and female personality shares. A castration dream reflects the worst fears of a man under circumstances and could lead not only on his masculinity, but his power and strength all together and refers to the damage which the dreaming adds himself if he denies such fears. An attack on own masculinity, on the success in the occupation or. in the sport could be meant with it. The dream reflects, perhaps, also the fear, a colleague or rival could better 'stand the ground'. There are many symbols for the phallus: One dreams, it would cut off to him somebody the tie, another of tearing down a spire, third from the losing with the Indian wrestling. It is important to see these dreams in her context: Who attacked, and how? Also the feelings as a dreamer are very significant: Was one procured, frightened, was confident or intrepid? Then one should consider about which problem of the Wach-Ichs it could be. Partly is also expressed in the fact that one must separate from wishes because they are not to be fulfilled. A woman, of it Dreaming to castrate a man has the clear wish to subject him thoughtlessly.


The dreaming is ready to sacrifice his sexuality to the spirituality. Or, however, the dream symbol expresses the fear of a man to lose his masculinity and sexual strength.



  • a good omen, monotony who is castrated. It opens the oncoming overcoming of difficulties and a general turn to the positive.
(See also amputation, castration,