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With priority the cash in the dream means a sure safekeeping site for money. The dream indicates the fear that one becomes 'the cash asked'. Nevertheless, she can also stand for cultivating of possibilities if one understands by the fact that a thing is fortified. Also she can want for 'more and more' and 'cannot let go' stand. Here immoderateness and avarice is demanded - and also the fact that one limits his respect almost only to 'useful' and 'profit-laden'. The empty cash points to the instantaneous emptiness in our environmental relations, however, can point also to possible monetary influx (then more blank she cannot become). Who counts the money in the cash, wants to know where it can go in the next time long, or he wants to hold together his money, hesitates at least to be economical too much. If one lays money in a cash, one does this to keep it there certainly. Moreover, this action has the aim to collect money and to increase. Consequently the practical one and the psychological meaning of the dream symbol cash agrees here extensively. The dreaming must save and receive that what he owns to derive the biggest benefit from it.


The cash is a symbol for what the dreaming has collected in spiritual potential and has kept for the application for given time.



  • foreign ones see: bad people surround you,
  • own see: you have confidential, forbidden wishes,
  • open and see a lot of money: Wealth,
  • see openly with money: you will make a bigger profit,
  • open and see empty: Lack,
  • see openly without money: one wants to cheat you.

(European ones).:

  • see: warns in general about debts or about the Hidden of money,
  • have an empty one: a guilt from which one had expected nothing more is paid, - promises an unexpected profit, because poor people had no cash - at most a (empty) bag,
  • a cash register filled with coins: means a rich trader as a husband or a good-well-to-do woman as a wife,
  • an empty cash register: Warning of dishonest employees,
  • count: one will have to limit his issues,
  • read in the newspaper of a theft from the till: sends a reminder to the care,
  • enter into a subterranean cash vault: one will find out an important secret.
(See also money)

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