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The barracks symbolise discipline and restriction of the personal freedom, reserve and intransigence, but also staying power and life will. The house in which we are defeated by a certain compulsion stands for our body of which we expect too much, for the lacking condition which makes us prematurely floppily, in the occupation like in the love. If one leaves the barracks, one will escape from such impediments and change the life. If one sees the barracks of wide, one will soon find new friends. If a man dreams of living in barracks, he will soon have differences with his superior or business partners. If one is locked up in the barracks, the life is too restrained and controlled by authority. If the barracks are destroyed or left, the bad times in which several sacrifices must be made approach. This vision sometimes announces also layouts or disasters.



  • see: get used to better order, it will be very useful to you, - also: you want to undertake something very much imprudent, - also: one will get in a difficult situation in which one reaches by differences with superiors, - anxious times approach,
  • enter: Work in a house with many employees.

(European ones).:

  • announces care in all things, particularly in financial matters,
  • see: for a woman the grief means around the lover, for a man it means differences with superiors by one in a difficult situation - many professional worries load the life,
  • live in one: one will lose his freedom or in this restrictedly,
  • leave: a new and better time will begin,
  • see empty or destroyed ones: troubled times in the country can lead to a disaster,
  • barrack square: Doubts appear in the love.


  • see: one wants to borrow money from you,
  • are in her: good progress in a marriage thing.
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