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Association: - innocent pleasure, - pointless repetition. Question: - Which easy joys satisfy me? Do I feel from the circumstances caught?


The carousel is a symbol which reminds the dreaming of child days. Therefore, it is also interpreted as a wish for exuberance, carefree nature, carelessness and joy of life. The dreaming probably has problems to position himself to the demands of the everyday life, feels to them not grown. This vision is directed with the warning, to be more self-confident and to overcome feeling of inferiority, to the dreaming. The carousel which turns in the dream for us probably registers that it goes off in the awake life so tumultuous that you hardly pull through ''. Their thoughts and feelings 'run in the circle' - and in your head 'everything' already turns: A stress dream which registers that you are though vital and 'well on it', but a 'vertiginous tempo' hold and soon 'the overview lose' would be able. Maybe you brake your life carousel a little bit one? Carousel can also appear body-partly as a tip to an inner ear illness with disturbances of equilibrium.



  • see or on it go: your behaviour borders on folly, - commit a stupidity and thereby under circumstances in a predicament get.

(European ones).:

  • irritant dream by external vibration of the sleeping camp, - often sign for ear disturbances,
  • see: meant fights and efforts, - one will make a silly prank,
  • go: one must resign himself in the life to stagnation,
  • others see going: if unfulfilled hopes and wishes register,
  • the carousel stands remote and far away from all bustle: there threaten disaster and misfortune.


  • go: you will make careless pranks.


  • you will live like in heaven and a strong man stands on your side. (Circle means sky.)
(Han = in Chinese) (see also 'fair', 'youth', 'plays')

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