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In the psychological interpretation the potato illustrates the mental-emotional rooting of the dreaming people. The eatable nodules which grow underground circumscribe that something grows in the unconscious and prospers, is moved forward to us as food for our soul and strengthens with it also our character. An interpretation of the potato as a sexual symbol is sure too far-fetched. Harvest of the potatoes admonishes to look more after the family. In the traditional interpretation: A poverty omen because it was not earlier 'food of the arms' (and on 'richly covered tables' desirably). In some south-European regions she was valid even as an uncanny outgrowth of toxic shrubs.



  • many see: are released from food worries,
  • big ones see: good income, - profit in the play have,
  • small ones see: Lack, - modest income,
  • ill and decayed ones harvest or see: become ill,
  • plant: look around according to a bride,
  • dig out: a thankless or hard work do, - also: the luck find,
  • peel: you will escape from a compulsion, - also: you are content with best,
  • cook: you will receive tiresome visit, - also: your household will grow,
  • see eating: are invited to food,
  • eat: if a future predicament allows to fear.

(European ones).:

  • male sexual sign, - expression of the tyre, the striving, the transitoriness, - bring child blessing, - stand predominantly for advantageous events, - also: do not try to play for other destiny, you could cause more damage than do good,
  • plant: if promises the fulfilment of wishes,
  • see potato field: advises that one should preserve his secret love,
  • see themselves on a field on a sunny day: harmonious married life, - in a rainy day tells these nuisances in the house in,
  • dig out: promises a success which will appear, however, only after long efforts and hard work,
  • crop of potatoes: if prosperity,
  • promises
  • harvest: one will provide very much for his family,
  • peel: one will run a modest household,
  • cook: meant a pleasant occupation,
  • eat: one should economise financially on time, because the budget becomes smaller,
  • they see decaying: prophesied transient joys and sombre future prospects.


  • eat: you will be liked in your new surroundings very much,
  • look: your hope will come true only a half.
(See also earth)

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