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Play cards

Association: - Skill, - luck. Question: - Which play do I play?


If you have 'good maps', a successful time approaches you - but such a dream can be also understood as a warning that one allzuleicht values (also spiritually and emotionally) 'on the play do not place' had to go. Importantly for the symbolic salary it is whether these were good or bad maps. If you have pulled a special map (or one has liked from the hand) and you can remember it what showed this map: Please, follow this symbol absolutely, you are confronted in the shortest time with the suitable subject. The card game sometimes means also a work which is connected with time waste. Map has different meanings, depending on which kind of map it concerns - afterwards one makes a distinction:
  • A map or an atlas can describe travel urge or the wish for new terrain, whether practically or emotionally.
  • road map and map symbolises the life, the past and future destiny, - the exact interpretation arises from the personal living conditions.
  • ticket indicates changes in the life and warns about impatience if expectations are not immediately fulfilled.
  • postcard announces an important news which unexpectedly arrives.
  • card game warns about deception and cunning if one plays with it, - one lies down himself the maps, one can trust in his other happy destiny.



  • (playing card) see or have: do not let from your passions control, - lets in you in no risky enterprises and is contented with what you have, - heart lady: if luck in the love, - square brings lady: if lady means a change of location, - spades: if grief, - cross brings lady: Financial difficulties by women,
  • play with it: a loss approaches you, - a serious quarrel is in view,
  • other see playing with it: one will find a possibility to escape from a disagreeable situation,
  • lay: the future find out,
  • tear: Luck and success have,
  • drop: a luck miss.

(European ones).:

  • see: a sign careless optimism,
  • see play cards or playing themselves: if always brings loss and annoyance, - one will not come round round a quarrel, because an underhand person to a damage wants,
  • other maps see playing: Sign of the coming disputes, - one will be able to escape from a disagreeable situation soon,
  • can be laid the (tarot) maps or lay: if means unhappy love,
  • card tricks: if bring mockery and travesty,
  • tickets solve in the counter: one will have to collect himself in patience,
  • postcards receive: one will make an interesting acquaintance,
  • for theatre, cinema etc.: one searches an experience or has after somebody longing,
  • with a map receive an invitation: a new acquaintance approaches,
  • a ticket: points to a forthcoming change in the life,
  • see a map or read: in the professional life a change is considered, - in spite of some disappointments the change will introduce many advantages,
  • search a map: a sudden discontent with the sphere will lend to a new energy by which the relations will improve,
  • A young woman will reach by pure ambition in higher circles.


  • playing cards: Frustration,
  • the maps can be laid: you will hear news,
  • lie down: trust in your destiny,
  • play: you have in shops no happy hand,
  • see playing: by cunning you can lose your property,
  • with it tricks (map trick) makes: you will be able to give a big pleasure to somebody.
(See also 'greetings card', 'map', 'playing cards')

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