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The caravan embodies restlessness, unstableness and superficiality. The dreaming does not feel fine in his present life situation and strives for changes. Caravan requests to the perseverance on the life to which one should go on unflustered from doubts and problems, - then the success will appear. Here this is valid as under 'camel' said, only that distributes the loads, so assistants at work are who bring us slowly, indeed to the aim, even if only after an adventurous trip.



  • see: one envies the progress of the others and one himself steps only right away, - also: you will make a tour,
  • with her travel: strange things have to experience, - one will be allowed to count in the next time on success.

(European ones).:

  • announces a dubious future, - a symbol of the quiet progress in the life,
  • see returning: Coping of all obstacles, advantage and profit.


  • see: you will happily overcome all obstacles.
(See also camel)

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