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A dream figure which carries a hood is always a symbol of the menace. This does not mean that she is absolutely angry, however, the dreaming feels threatened by them. The hood can also show the dreaming in a life phase of the retreat from which he would like to turn away now. Or an aspect of his personality is invisible for him and must be revealed, so that he can function on a more comprehensive base. Hood can also resemble partly the facade, somewhat should hide of own personality or indicate the need for protection and security, however, also. She can indicate the other secrecy. If a woman carries a hood in the dream, this is a tip that she cheats. If the hood is carried by a man, this shows that he withdraws from a situation. The figure of a monk with hood can show in the dream the pensive side of the dreaming which steps bit by bit in his everyday life more clearly.


In former interpretations the hood in the dream symbolised death and invisibility. Today she could refer to the fact that a certain knowledge is held back in secrecy, until the right time has come for his exposure.



  • see carrying somebody one: always a symbol for menace, because one conceals something before you,
  • carry: you go on secret paths.

(European ones).:

  • carry: a dear advertisement approaches, - also: Somebody wants to accuse wrongfully of a thing. One pulls up witnesses, this will take the wind from the sailings from him.
(See also facade)

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