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Association: - The part which is sacrificed to the rest, - fear of integration. Question: - Which part of me pines away?


The dream of cannibalism ordinarily illustrates rash or immoderate behaviour. The symbol of cannibalism is already defined in early Babylonian and assyrischen dream books. He indicates to come to big wealth, while one consumes the gifts and abilities of the other with him. See Freud saw in cannibalism as a dream symbol inclinations to the sadism what can sometimes apply, but does not have to go. In general this vision has the meaning that one would like to take up a respect with one or several people. Besides, it can concern a love relationship, but also taking up of knowledge and mind of this person (en). If the dreaming is aware in his dream of that that he eats human meat, this can be a tip to his refusal of inappropriate food or to immoderate actions. The dreaming has not 'internalized' certain personality shares and must still make up for this. In the dream to eat human meat, can also mean that the dreaming takes up wrong or useless information, would maybe like to switch off a competitor or has somebody to the food with pleasure. He is of wide symbolic shape for very much a 'possession-affecting person' who 'eats up' everything and 'stows away' what you come to the way. Not seldom hide in a cannibal's dream the (unadmitted) problems of a mother's son's respect in which the mother is very dominant and feels her son as her main respect and her emotional 'possession' - and to have to divide every possible daughter-in-law as the natural enemy who 'annexes' to herself the young man - while the mother must give to have him 'to the food with pleasure' (and also still with the new woman in his life). Who himself has the nightmare to be eaten up by a cannibal, it can take literally: He is surrounded by such an emotionally 'verfressenen' person who can agree in the most true sense of the word 'not enough' - from him. Other dream symbols can state complementary in addition. Cannibal can be understood as native.


At the spiritual level the dream symbol human meat stands for the admission of forces or qualities one other people belong.



  • you will do to your family harm.

(European ones).:

  • disconcerting information will interfere to one and hinder, but one hardly has to fear something, - also: Somebody from the circle of acquaintances will cause to one from jealousy trouble and disputes want to create.
(See also natives, food)

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