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Association: - violent solution, - emission of energy, - conflict, - discussion. Question: - Which conflict is based in me? Which conflict frees itself? Which parts of me are in the state of war?


Fight can stand for quarrel in own personality which is divided by contradicting qualities and needs, - then one must try to compensate these contrasts. To strike back is a natural defensive mechanism, - the dreaming feels threatened in his everyday life, it can be easy, that he his feelings at the level of the dream ausagiert. Who gets involved in the dream in a fight, probably wants to solve an instantaneous conflict, however, did not have up to now the right courage to it. If one became in a fight is involved, this refers as a rule to the fact that one is confronted with his need for independence. Maybe one must also express his fury, frustration and the unaware wish to injure a part of itself. Also the suppressed fury can be expressed by which one feels towards another person. If one intervenes especially actively in a fighting, one can master himself in the awake life against a hopelessly appearing situation anstemmen and them. If one only watches the fight, one wants himself from difficulties with the help of more different herausschaukeln or the dream asks to sit down against hostile people or adverse circumstances in the life simply more to weir. On the battlefield (in the arena) a fight observe points to own malicious pleasure and spitefulness.


The dream symbol fight is the tip to a spiritual conflict. The dreaming should try to work out where and why there is a conflict, and handle with it more sensitively instead of firing 'from all pipes'. The law of the sinful world is the law of the fight.



  • are present at one between people: Care will be very advantageous to you, - also: do not let everything like,
  • see between people: one will succeed in adding the resulted tensions with people by a reconciliation.
  • between animals: you escape a danger threatening you,
  • are involved in it: it will be prepared for you incommodities,
  • fight field: you go out at a profit from the business,
  • fight announcement: you have open enemies in the occupation.


  • signals In general
"fight" quick radical changes - in the surroundings as well as inside of the dreaming. Otherwise the symbol with other tips of the dream hangs close together.

(European ones).:

  • one defends itself not enough against hostility,
  • with consider or experience: envious people to enemies you in, - topical tensions with other people can be defused by reconciliation soon, - also: one wastes time and money, - women are warned about defamation of character and gossip,
  • in it be involved: Danger to lose an office - also: Discussions with business rivals, - court procedure threaten,
  • are defeated in the fight: one loses claims for possession,
  • whip the attacker: one will come by courage and perseverance to honour and wealth,
  • two men with guns fight: it approach a worry and uncertainties, - no real loss appears: if signals a profit, as well as some incommodities,
  • on a battlefield fight: one will escape from a general disaster,
  • see a battlefield: points to preparations for a strenuous work,
  • watch a fight play: points to malicious pleasure,
  • Seeing a young woman fight her darling, he is not worthy theirs.


  • see: Food worries, grief about unadvisable children.
(See also battle, war)

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