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If one goes in his dream in a subterranean chamber, is what one finds there, extremely importantly. (Every dreamer finds a little bit completely own.) The dream maybe leads on the depths of the unconscious, and the symbolic salary will turn out extremely important to indicate, however, for same reason also as difficult. If she is small and narrow, she points to physical uneasiness. To itself in a chamber (small room) to see testifies from the secret wish to live in his separated world and to settle down.



  • secret love affair and secret luck.

(European ones).:

  • see: meant joy and pleasure,
  • in hineinschauen: means that one easily will been deceptive,
  • are in one: indicates loving betrayal, - annoyance and frustration, - one would like to withdraw something to find in the silence to itself.


  • in it be: the bride or the bridegroom will change the plans.
(See also room)

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