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medicine wheel:

Key words: Sweet, - pleasantly, - mildly, - reassuringly, - relaxing, - comforting, - female, - refreshing, - inside show, - western soul path. Description: Camomile, the plant which is associated in the medicine wheel with the inside show, the middle position of the western soul path, supplies the person with one of the tastiest teas which the nature has to offer. In addition, she should also have curative aspects. Camomile calms, is relaxing and comforts. She is helpful with stomach problems and is used with childhood illnesses and typically female discomfort. As an ointment addition she receives the skin healthy. General meaning: The look inwards, - are relaxing, - value, - childhood. Association: One of the best known remedies of the folk medicine. Transcendent meaning: The relaxation which enables to you to collect with deeper layers of experiences - let go, - understanding of the childhood.



  • pick outside, for sick people: If a quick healing of an illness promises, - for healthy: Danger for your health,
  • cook camomile tea: Case of illness in the family,
  • see or drink cooked ones: if old age, - points to light illness, also on an unwieldy, but, besides, also: Luck and satisfaction.

(European ones).:

  • promises a warm heart and promises sick people quick recovery,
  • collect or shop (for healthy): if means a cold illness which causes, nevertheless, still no symptoms
  • pick or drink camomile tea: you will reach an old age, - points to good health or recovery,
  • of it make an envelope: if brings relief of pain.


  • pick: Discomfort with the respiratory organs. (Warning dream!)

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