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Association: - Picture of the experience, - recording, - now and then means to the dissociation. Question: - How does the whole look for me? Would like I to participate actively?


Camera stands for the memory, - she asks to use the experiences stored in it more. The dreaming is pointed out to the need to store in spirit pictures of such events which he must still work on not to push away them in the unconscious. It is a tip to the fact that one should look a little more objectively (more reserved) - above all if the topic is for the dreaming of great importance and requires a decision. It is a request to consider (and to look at it 'from all sides') whether one wants to 'stick' a little bit (or somebody). A camera is also an instrument which of the documentation serves. If the dreaming uses them in his dream, this means that he tapes events or situations of which he remember or which he should make to himself deliberate. To be to become photographed in the dream, refers to the fact that the dreaming must observe his actions and reactions in certain situations more carefully.


At the spiritual level the camera points in the dream to necessary watchfulness.



  • The recollections do not let you rest. No success if you do not think of the future.
  • are taken a photo: because one believes, from others observes and to be supervised, one should check his circle of friends.

(European ones).:

  • see: one will come by changes to an undeserved sphere, - also: you are very futile, - also: One is observed by somebody who finds attractive and feels very much to one drawn.
  • look in one: one is deceived by somebody,
  • the close future of a lot of disagreeable will bring
  • power a young woman with a camera of photo, her. Somebody from the circle of friends will disappoint them very much.
(See also photo)

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