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The symbol of the lime symbolises stability, firmness and durability, at the same time, however, also stiff sense and missing adaptability. Moreover, he symbolises a typical 'fright second' in which one becomes (pale 'lime-white'. Who touches lime in the dream, should look not after foreign, but rather after his own matters, because require this his whole attention. If one eats him, warns about domestic disputes. Lime is sometimes understood as an announcement of an old age.



  • see lime pit or hineinfallen: Widerwärtigkeiten of all kind experience,
  • see lime: your plan will succeed if you keep to right mass.

(European ones).:

  • see or with it work: fateful times with big victims approach, however, the property becomes even more extensive afterwards than before,
  • burn: one should take pains of a better conduct,
  • limekiln: one will reach an old age, - also: Speculations in the love or in the professional life will not be favorable in immediate future.


  • eat: Quarrel and quarrel in the house,
  • a wandering, - for building - expenses.

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