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A calendar in the dream draws the attention of the dreaming to the past, present or future or to something significant in his life. Because the time shows a self-used limitation, the calendar in the dream reminds the dreaming of the availability of limitations. A new period of life with new plans seems to approach. Because everything seems thought-out and well planned, the next time might be rather successfully for one. But one rushes nothing and remains with his plan and concerns everything after the row. One is discontented maybe even with the division of the work, it wants to change to own advantage to come thus to something, or, however, the calendar in the dream is a reminder at the fact that precious time trickles away for an important plan. If one buys him, this should promise a good future, even if one has yet worries. If quite a certain date seems in the dream, this presumably has a meaning, even if one can arrange it not immediately. If it was a pleasant calendar dream: One still has 'a lot of time' before himself and knows how to use them intensely. Sometimes it is also a symbol for transitoriness, to growing old and death - and for the regret that one cannot turn back 'the clock'. One would repeat maybe often (in the word sense) 'irreparable' experience once again 'just as at that time' - only just deliberate and more intensely - or one regrets something that one cannot cancel any more, and would turn back too with pleasure in his life calendar - if was to be changed in it a little bit positively.


At the spiritual level the calendar in the dream can be a schedule for parties and festivities.



  • see or in it read: to themselves unnecessary worries make, - one will be able to count shortly on the solution of his problems if one remains patient and cannot be dissuaded by the way, - also: you have a good plan for the future, hurries up you and it luck will bring you,
  • shop: one will soon experience a pleasant surprise, - also: Not to waste warning of it, his precious time with unnecessary things,
  • get as a gift: it approaches one a bigger allowance or professional coming up.


  • arises shortly the solution of some of the old problems. It is important that you allow to remain patient and not dissuade yourselves from your way. Quite in general the sign points out to the fact that time is an arrival and walking, life giving and taking.

(European ones).:

  • see: one will experience a disagreeable surprise, - plans do not rise,
  • buy a new one: if a lot of joy promises for the future, - a happy new year,
  • throw away an old one: Improvement of the situation after many worries,
  • read in a budgetary calendar: one will find out things which one wanted to know for a long time,
  • lead: one will be very well-arranged and systematic about the whole year,
  • worries about a certain date come along: Signs of a happy marriage ceremony, provided that one does not miss the in request.


  • you strives with effort and worries forward.

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