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medicine wheel:

Key words: Spiny, - drily, - fear of vulnerabilities, - insensitivity, - desert, - tenaciously. Description: Cacti, wild plants which get by with very little water have generally very much has an eye to harmless stings. Some produce fruits which are eatable or are usable for remedial purposes. They show a water spring in the desert if one knows how one taps them. General meaning: Concealed feelings, - protection because of much too big vulnerability, - fear of injury, - the stachlige part of your nature, - suppression according to feeling, - connection with the water of the earth. Association: Friable like a cactus. Transcendent meaning: In your inside concealed stocks of powerful life energy.


Cactus sometimes appears as a symbol for a 'vicious' being which leads to interpersonal problems. However, the fear can also stand behind it, by others injures and to be disappointed. The typical stings of this plant are a symbol for defensive readiness, but also for determined action. He stands mostly for a harmless contemporary with taker's qualities, but if one comes close to him to, he becomes 'spiny': The symbol for easy (or modest) people on which one can count as long as one does not take in him too much - or to him in any way 'too near kicks' and too much load expects. If one dreams of it, one has mostly already drawn to himself the first sting! A small cactus symbolises a petty, intolerant personality. However, it could also be that one should dig up in the awake life quietly once somebody who works with thoughtless means.



  • see: one meets you unkindly,
  • a blossoming one: Luck in the love to a close person,
  • prick themselves on a sting: a bad measure brings damage.

(European ones).:

  • see general: one has isolated himself too much from the environment and has become ' spiny ', - also: One will get annoyance with a neighbour. If one does not attach a lot of meaning to him, it will not continue long.
  • pour: meant charm towards wrong friends,
  • prick themselves on one: one could suffer by rash actions soon a damage,
  • small at the window have: one is petty compared with himself and other,
  • big have in the garden: a lot of bad is talked about one.

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