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Cabin (living space on ships)


Cabin often registers that one isolates himself too much and cannot realise, therefore, his intentions. The small space and the movements of the ship let assume that one feels cramped in the current situation and urgently needs a change. Moreover, one believes to have no control of the life ship and because one is under deck, one does not see in which direction it goes. Here one should take the initiative and take the oar firmly in own hands. Thus one comes to light from the mostly dusky narrowness. Moreover, cabins sometimes announce a local change or a professional change by which one can break out, finally, of the present narrow-mindedness of the relations.



  • are in one: to you some disagreeable will remain not saved,
  • live there: your position is not sure to you, you will have to search something else for yourself.

(European ones).:

  • see: meant a sea voyage, - also: domestic annoyance, misfortune, - are accused and lose the process because of a weak witness,
  • are in one: means that one will attain nothing right by indecision.


  • you will not make progress by your despondence.
(See also trip, ship)

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