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If one sees in the dream an emperor or king, this is in general a symbol for the father. If emperor and empress appear together, they stand for the parents. He is not only the father, but also symbolises the emperor of our soul whose inspirations we should obey unconditionally. If he gives to recognise himself in the dream as a historical personality, we should plumb what this ruler has to offer in specific features which we would be able to do on ourselves ummünzen. Emperor can point to respect, praise and honour, - now and again he warns about selfoverestimation and banked hopes which are very often disappointed. The action of the dream is important here to receive additional statements.


The emperor, a temple, a soldier, an imperial writing, a silver piece and similar more are signs which stand alternately for each other. Stratonikos dreamt, he kicks the emperor with feet. With the abandonment of the house he found a golden piece on which he had stepped by chance, - it made no difference whether he worked on the emperor or his picture with feet or stepped. Zenon dreamt, he would have become Centurio (hekatontarches = Centurio, leader of a group of one hundred (lat. centum = 100, Greek hekaton). With the abandonment of his house he received hundred imperial writings. Our compatriot Kratinos received money in the dream, - he became a governor of the income of the imperial temple. Zoilos dreamt of being an upper supervisor of public works, - he became a treasurer of the imperial treasury. Everything what the emperor from the mouth gives will be of use to the receiver in the form of imperial decisions. Chrysippos from Corinth which got two teeth from the mouth of the emperor in the dream arose on one single day in processes before the emperor by two imperial decisions as a winner.



  • or empress see or speak: are pleased by honouring, high honour and reward.
  • The coat of the emperor means his wife, but also his adornment and his joy. If he looks, like jewellery, pearls and precious stones of his coat have become richer, he will have in Augusta his pleasure and appear more with flying colours before the people, - however, the jewellery has become more insignificant, evil about Augusta and her jewellery will come.
  • calls Also of the Chiton the person of the emperor. If he dreams that his Chiton would be adorned more admirably and has more pearls and precious stones than before, his Empire will be also more glittering and more wonderful, - if, however, his jewellery have become insignificant more slightly and pearls and precious stones got dark and, his Empire will be weakened and be curtailed.
  • Seeming it him that one of his dignitaries carries parts of his jewellery will sun itself this in his shine, but come to a bad end.
  • Dreaming of the emperors, he finds an exceedingly precious pearl, he becomes measured in whose beauty, a stately woman take.
  • he will count himself
  • Bringing one to him precious stones and pearls, according to their number happy.
  • he will receive
  • Looking another that he gets an amount of pearls and precious stones according to their number of wealth, distant respect and name of the emperor, - then these valuables come up solely to the emperor.
  • Dreaming a woman, them agrees or carries such jewellery, will wave to her and her man honour and joy.
  • see in general the emperor: to high honour can reach and be glad in the professional life about a substantial rise, - also: you have luck and success, because high men help you,
  • with him speak: one will always assert himself in the life and hit competitors easily from the field,
  • see themselves as such: certain plans are too pompous and cannot be realised even with the biggest trouble,
  • see empress: a high-ranking woman thinks of you and protects you.

(European ones).:

  • or empress see: one will take a respected position, - means luck and honour,
  • speak: Wealth, - one is respected very much,
  • together: promise not necessarily something bad, however, also not good,
  • even one be: one should make none big hopes to himself, because one could be disappointed,
  • at the court of an emperor's servant be: one will be supported by a person of high standing,
  • go abroad and meet the emperor there of the country: one will undertake a long trip it introduces neither joy nor knowledge.


  • Dreaming it to one, the emperor or empress unexpectedly comes to his house, joy and prosperity will soon enter there because the emperor is welcome everywhere, - somebody sees the emperor in his vestments at an unusual place and the emperor is unknown to him, he holds him for an angel of man, and all bitter grief at the place will change into joy and welfare, - war rules, the emperor will win.
  • Speaking one with a known emperor, he holds his words if he remembers them, resembles for steadfast true, because the emperor Christ and never a lie over his mouth comes. If somebody receives of the emperor presents, he will become rich and save his soul.
  • Receiving the dreaming coined gold of him, he will get by the emperor or by his religious position in entanglement.
  • this shows
  • Looking of the emperors one of his older predecessors or the ruler of a foreign country, to Christ, and, therefore, he holds on everything what says this him. All his words promise good, - then from Christ nothing comes bad person.
  • see: you will get praise,
  • see empress: you enjoy a lot of respect.
(See also 'king', 'president')

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