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Quay (shore)


If the dreaming stands in his dream in the quay, this means that he moves towards a new life phase and leaves behind an old one. If the dreaming with a feeling of the expectations looks forwards, it is the new life phase which he his attention strengthens must give. If the dreaming standing in the quay looks back, there is maybe something in the past that he must clear, before he can go on. Because, however, everything what deals with water is connected with feelings, the standing position in a quay can also be a tip to how the dreaming should handle with the feelings of other people if he enters into a new life phase.


The quay possibly points in the dream to spiritual progress, because it is a place of the departure.



  • in the quay stand: you are in danger.

(European ones).:

  • see in the harbour: a wish whose fulfilment one still believes a long way off approaches his quick realisation, - also: one thinks about a longer trip,
  • go for a walk on it: you will be protected from all dangers,
  • ships in the quay see lying at anchor: if the fulfilment of wishes and plans forecasts.


  • see: you stand under good protection.
(See also harbour)

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