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Association: - Maturity, - degeneration. Question: - What is completed for me? What is I to be substituted ready?


In the dream the symbol of the age admits two possibilities. Either the dreaming thinks too much about the Altwerden, the mortality or the transitoriness and the death, or he wishes, if it concerns a positive dream about the ageing, more experience of life, maturity and serenity. Old people in the dream refer to traditional thinking and old wisdom by experience. The wise old man in the dream shows the wise portion of the personality which is not always accessible to the consciousness of the dreaming. He can also symbolise his feelings concerning time and death. Old buildings can symbolise an old life-style from which the dreaming means, he has overcome them. If antiques or old objects meet the dreaming, this is a tip to elements from the past which are worth it to be kept and the request, to appropriate old knowledge to apply it in the present. If the dream of historical people acts, this is possibly a tip to the fact that the dreaming of her qualities is aware. Maybe it is his job to develop these qualities independently.



  • become: you are honoured,
  • old woman: Annoyance and frustration approaches you,
  • old clothes carry: you come to high honour,
  • old clothes see: your prosperity decreases,
  • old clothes put away: give up an old plan,
  • old people: you collect rich experiences,
  • old man: Illness and death.

(European ones).:

  • dream of old people: if is from good premeaning,
  • for man - an old woman court or be married with her: very advantageous omen for business interests,
  • for woman - are courted by an old man: luck-promising omen, - your lover turns out loyal and everything what you wish,
  • nothing particularly good means it if one dreams of old clothes and junk, - you should better think from yourselves!
  • be: one becomes younger in his views,
  • even feel very old: Fame, - stately honour, - also: one should carry out in the next time wisdom and some distance of the everyday things,
  • dream of the age: Defeats,
  • come along around the old worries: approaching illness, - the more worries, the more badly the illness,
  • deal with own age: with abnormal ideas excite the displeasure of your relatives,
  • Becoming a young woman in the dream older approximated than she is she gets in bad society and becomes the ridicule. If she feels aged, her illness or bad experiments approach. If your lover is aged, she runs the risk to lose him.

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