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Ditch (pit) / excavation / excavation / dig

Association: - Drainage, - escaped, - hiding place, - cover. Question: - What is I to be removed from the way ready? From whom want I to escape? Where in my life I need the feeling of the security? What want I to hide?

In general:

If the dreaming begins to find out something about himself, he must uncover the shares which he has hidden up to now. This is indicated in the dream often by the recruiting of a pit or digging out an object.


Ditch deals as grave with edged out psychic contents which hinder the life. The dream possibly points out to the fact that the dreaming has important knowledge in his creative area of life which is only hardly accessible, however, and must be dug out, hence.
  • Who jumps over courageously a ditch in the dream, that can take in the awake life with bravado an obstacle, master so a problem.
  • Who hineinfällt, can escape from a mißlichen situation only hard, the difficulties threaten to become overpowering.
  • The ditch after a treasure or, otherwise, something makes clear that one can achieve his aim only by hard work. This ditch often also reveals in the depth that one would like to penetrate into own psyche deeper.


At the spiritual level the vision suggests ditch that the dreaming must find an access to his unconscious.



  • dig even for something certain: you should avoid no trouble,
  • see: your ways will become from perfidious people crosses,
  • leap over: one will easily overcome an obstacle, - you have created it, now it advances,
  • davorstehen: you must wait for your time, too big obstacles still are before you, - also: one should think over his plans and intentions once again well, so that one suffers no failure,
  • want to leap over and, besides, hineinfallen: one watches out for professional speculations,
  • eject one with heel and shovel itself: you are invited to a wedding, - also: one will be able to turn away a menacing danger on time,
  • dig for others and even hineinfallen: you want to damage somebody and it meets yourself, - also: do not underestimate the intelligence of the friends and the life partner.
  • hineinfallen: you will see everything thwarted, - must watch out for deception and overcome difficulties to be able to achieve his aims.


  • a bad sign: To dream, one is in a ditch, forecasts financial troubles to dream, one falls in a ditch, problems in dear problems. During the next days the person concerned should be very careful, because the luck stands not exactly on his side, and the life strives to put to him a leg. (Man

(European ones).:

  • hineinfallen: if means danger, losses and enemies, heavy obstacles oppose you,
  • for a single: Disappointments in the love,
  • rise in one: the business success will decrease, - to the lover is met with coolness and indifference,
  • fall in one: long with difficulties have to fight,
  • try, fall down about that hinwegzuspringen and, besides: now the conceivably worst time is for business speculations and bigger expenditures,
  • about that way there jumping: if luck promises, - one will achieve his aim,
  • put on themselves one: one will suffer by own guilt damage,
  • see one with a small bridge: if means deception,
  • full ditches: if big worries prophesy.


  • see: you make good deals,
  • about that way there jumping: you will be able to overcome all obstacles and achieve your aim,
  • hineinfallen: pay attention to your health,
  • in the earth: you will make good deals.
(See also abyss, Dig out of, mine)

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