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The not especially contemporary embodiment of the strictest and very conservative education methods is valid as a dream symbol for a suitable world view, therefore, was to be obeyed every authority blind. It is about the uncritical adaptation to traditional values and denying own wishes and sensations in favour of a 'flawless call in the society'. Who is tormented even today by governess dreams, his authority's bondage should question once and 'wake, finally,' to develop his real arrangements and needs.



  • you will deal with disagreeable people.


  • (with her deal, are taught by her): by rich knowledge you have on all ways luck.

In general:

The dream of a grave is a tip to the fact that from the dreaming consideration for the feelings must take which he connects with the death or his image of the death. Grave symbolises those unaware contents which one has edged out unmastered one and which generate, therefore, insecurity and fear. This asks to process these conflicts. Partly fear of own death or of another person is also expressed in it.


If the dreaming takes part in the dream action in a burial or stands before a closed grave, these pictures mostly have the sense of burial. The grave as a dream symbol stands for fear of life and resignation, for the dreaming it is the last sanctuary, there he looks and finds, finally, peace. It can be that the grave must be interpreted as a token for missing life will. The dream possibly shows that the dreaming has killed a personality portion and has hidden from the external world. Who dreams of own grave or him more different, that is poorer around hope. He buries as it were an idea, a plan from whose realisation he made a slip a lot. But in the dream grave a problem which one has carried around long enough with himself can be also buried. Also the tomb circumscribes the desperation which threatens to spread in the deliberate life. With older people dreams of the grave are often a sign for the fact that they live more in the past. With this picture the unconscious would maybe like to remind of the fact that also the older person has one more future before himself for which it repays to live itself.


At the spiritual level the dream indicates that the person fears maybe less the physical death than rather his results.



  • see: Disagreements in the family,
  • see that of a friend or friend: one should keep personal things rather for himself,
  • hineinsteigen: Falseness and misfortune experience,
  • see the open: uncanny experiences or death,
  • stand in open one: one has to put something from what one would like to escape,
  • dig: you must not cause your misfortune, - also: one will destroy an old friendship relation,
  • visit: you forget friends who meant it well with you,
  • make: you should file a bad quality,
  • to itself see lying in one: one will suffer in the next time no need,
  • are buried: you stand before a positive change, - you file mistake and become free for new and successful duties.


  • a good omen: It prophesies a marriage and/or a birth, both will have favorable results for the dreaming. He should use it as an opportunity to think about the laws of the nature and his place in the world.

(European ones).:

  • symbol for the life conflicts which are not solved yet, - keys after ways out, - insecurity, desperation, - also: Misfortune, - unfavorable business transactions follow, - also illness threatens, - also: points to a change in the life, according to the closer circumstances of the dream,
  • see: requests to the discretion,
  • one order: shortly marry,
  • see shovelling: if tells death news from a being close person,
  • dig: if end of the worries, - also promises: not be sure to a thing, because enemies try to make to one a line by the calculation, - also: one could destroy a friendship by own guilt,
  • completely dig up: one will assert himself against his opponents,
  • completely dig up and, besides, is sunshine: ostensible difficulties turn to the good,
  • see a freshly dug up one: one has to atone for the mistakes more different,
  • an empty grave: if means disappointment and loss of friends,
  • throw one: indicates at annoyance,
  • return around a corpse to bury which has disappeared, nevertheless: Problems come up from unknown spring on,
  • rise even in one: one will be slandered,
  • lie in it: if a glad event,
  • announces
  • are buried: Signs for a mental development and a forthcoming change of the personality, - also: sometimes announces the death of a person,
  • one see collapsing: Bad luck and illness in the family,
  • visit a fresh one: there threaten serious dangers,
  • in of the mother flowers lay: one would like to find consolation,
  • see the own: Enemies are to be overthrown at work to one in the misfortune, - if one is not careful, this will also succeed,
  • on his names see written: one should pay attention to his health,
  • see own corpse in a grave: it are prophesied to a misery and desperation,
  • between the graves move: a marriage is indicated,
  • about graves go: it is forecast an early death or an unhappy marriage,
  • graves on known deads examine: quick advancement to wealth and honour,
  • see a person filled up up to the head in a grave: this person will get in a predicament and property loss,
  • threatens one itself
  • a cemetery uncovered up to the grave cover: if signals grief and temporary desperation, - if one his strokes of fate masters one is recompensed with bigger joys,
  • Becoming a woman on a cemetery of the darkness surprises and finds them only one open grave for sleeping, she will have by experiences with death or wrong friends many worries and disappointments. She gains maybe also bad experience in the love.


  • dig: a good marriage is given you (mostly contrast dream!),
  • see: your marriage will slide open for any reason inexplicable you,
  • see the open: a happy party approaches,
  • see throwing: your health is in danger, - illness,
  • are put: quick and desired wedding.
(See also monument, cemetery, gravestone, coffin, death, buried)

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