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Association: - the Heavenly female, - sympathy, - love. Question: - Which qualities do I revere?

In general:

If a dream of a mythical goddess acts, this connects the dreaming with the archetypal pictures of femininity. A goddess in the dream of a woman symbolises the connection about the unconscious which exists between all women and female creatures. The right on the initiation in this community of the women is asserted by the dream. In the dream of a man the figure of the goddess symbolises everything what a man fears in female power images. As a rule his relevant setting gives an important insight in his earliest experiences with femininity by the respect with his mother.


The number of the goddesses in many cultures is big. Among them are devastating like potash, phloem, and Lillith, but also useful like Athene and Hermione. Those goddesses, from those it means that women with them stand in narrow connection are:
  • Artemis, the lunar goddess who embodies the independent female mind whose aim is at last a success. It is often shown as a hunter.
  • Athene, is the goddess of the wisdom and the art of war. She thinks logically and is self-confident, - she is guided rather towards her spiritual abilities than from her feelings.
  • Hestia, the goddess of the cooker, is an embodiment of the patient woman who finds rest in the seclusion.
  • Hera, the goddess of the marriage, symbolises the woman for whom, firstly, the aim stands to find a man and to be married.
  • Demeter, the motherly archetype and the goddess of the fertility, emphasises the desire of a woman to give physical and spiritual support to her children.
  • Persephone who became, in the end, the queen of the underworld because she rejected her rank as a daughter Demeters expresses the wish of women to like others and to be used by others. Their submissive behaviour and her passiveness must change into the ability to take over responsibility for itself.
  • Aphrodite, the goddess of the beauty and the love, makes women be creative as well as fertile. She rules over female passion, beauty and love.


At the spiritual level the dream symbol means goddess that women are able to produce connections with the essential aspects of her personality. Through this they attain a bigger understanding for themselves and can wake all facets of her being in the everyday life to the life. (See also archetypes,' gods ',' religious pictures')

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