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Praying mantis (insect)

medicine wheel:

Key words: Prayer, - communication with the creator. Description: Praying mantis is the name of a long, narrow insect with thin forelegs which serve as grab tools while consuming other insects. Between the meals these forelegs are often so held that it looks as if the insect prays. General meaning: A part of you which holds for in the time to step with the creator in connection. Association: - Transcendent meaning: A revelation about what is the nature of the Betens.

In general:

Like most insects the praying mantis in the life of the dreaming also symbolises the underhand and devious, the deceitful personality portion which can create problems if the events run, actually, in favour of the dreaming. She shows that aspect of the personality which does not want to submit with all the others to a whole.


In the dream the dreaming often transfers a quality or a situation with which he just struggles on an object, a person or an animal. If in the dream a praying mantis plays a role, it can be that are in the sphere of the dreaming fraud going.


The dreaming should follow the appearance of a praying mantis carefully because she embodies underhandedness.

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