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Association: - the Heavenly male, - holy, - creator. Question: - What is holy to me? In general: The dreams in which God seems are for the dreaming of great importance, because they point to an advancement of own personality and the dreaming is confirmed himself that a higher power is in the play. A common God connects the dreaming with the whole humanity, hence, he has the right on certain moral religious images. He stands often as a symbol for the attempt to come with himself and other to harmony. Also the need for advice and help, freeing from feelings of guilt and personal maturation often plays with in the interpretation. The adoration of God promises luck and fulfilment of most confidential wishes. However, is to be noted that God appears in the dream only in the rarest cases in his concrete shape, but mostly appears in the fact that the dreaming of God influence and his present feels. The mighty feelings which every person sometimes experiences are maybe connected with his huge need being due from the childhood for love and recognition of the parents. If a woman dreams of a mythical divinity, helps her this to understand different aspects of her personality. In the dream of a man a dream of a mythical divinity puts the connection here to his masculinity and gets him a deeper access to her. Often these feelings can be personalised by the mythical gods.
  • Mars, the God of the war, symbolises vigour which one needs to be successful.
  • Mercury refers to communication, often on a sensitively carried on conversation. He is the patron of the magic.
  • Apollo shows the sun, - he taught Chiron the remedial art.
  • Herakles learnt the remedial art of Chiron, but Chiron did not want to be cured of Herakles when this injured him.
  • good-looker symbolises health, beauty and selflove.
  • Zeus, the king of the Greek gods, explains negative and the positive side of the father.
If these were no religious rooted visions, it is about an authority's problem: Either one overestimates the authority (and power) more different and behaves as 'modest' as only possibly (under the motto: Who has no power, no initiative must also seize and bear no special responsibility), or one wants to become himself the authority and does not endure submitting. One 'tolerates no gods beside himself'.


Especially strangely in dreams it is that they confront us sometimes with legend shapes of the antiquity of which we are persuaded to know nothing at all. Nevertheless, Jung meant about it: 'The big shapes of the past are not dead as we think, - they have changed only her name.' We dream now and then also of legends of our time, e.g., superman. Every shape which plays a weight-bearing role (in a dream above all if it seems archetypal, but unidentifiable or acts in authoritarian manner) is worth it to be compared to the mythological figure which she resembles mostly. Afterwards one should compare himself with their signs and indicate resemblances or differences. Mythical figure like Zentauer, unicorn and the cancer of the star sign of the same name also comes up meaning: About Zentauer is known a little, but they were valid as crude (half an animal, half a person) and symbol for animal passion, - the unicorn is a gentler creature and lays to the virgin of his heart the head in the lap. Jupiter is the Roman pedant to Zeus, the 'god's father' of the Greeks, and could show resemblance to any authority's person in your dreams, e.g., with your father, boss or teacher - to everybody which requires obedience and gives respect. Jung said, he is 'the archetypal leader, the voice of the collective authority, man, king or tyrant, but also protector, the shape... whose word is a law'. Jupiter sometimes appears as an elated protector of right and loyalty, - on the other hand, he was known for the fact that he adjusted with pleasure ladies and it with the morality code which he took from other imposed, even not exactly. His appearance as a vision could mean objection against an action of your Wach-Ichs, but also that one dismisses correct behaviour as a secondary matter. If one thinks that Jupiter was sometimes reprimanded by his subordinates and was mocked: Nobody is untouchable. Jupiter in his 'you do not have to go' - pose is close rather Saturn whose name stands for dark disapproval. The Roman Venus corresponds to Aphrodite, the nice, but unrestrained dear goddess of the Greeks. Their temple on Cyprus was famous as a scene of sex orgies with which the sexual act was celebrated as a sort of inauguration prayer. With men the appearance of an unknown, but wonderful woman could simply be a sexual desirable fulfilment dream which is aimed not at a certain woman, but at women in general. The behaviour of the woman in the dream is significant, because it reflects your deliberate or unaware longings - that what one needs of his partner. Maybe there is a tip to the setting to women or the kind how one treats women. The Venus figure sometimes appears in the dream as a menacing sex figure - as a rule with the men who feel unsafe sexually. Venus is keen on it, the man 'rumzukriegen' whom she wants, and the opposite of the mother's figure with which sexually unsafe men better manage. Mercury was the god's messenger (with with the Romans the Greeks he was called Hermes). Though every dream in certain sense is a message (from one in itself), however, a dream in which somebody really delivers a message, one cannot simply ignore. One thinks first which kind was the message, however, then (and especially) also about the bearer. Mercury was also a swindler, impulsively and self-centered and controls from desires. He could remind us of our storm and urge time of which we have never completely grown out maybe. Was the messenger plausible in the dream, or did give it a tip to two-facedness? This could mean that a 'message' or a 'messenger' is not so trustworthy in the awake life as one thinks. Every figure which attacks one or other in the dream can show the Roman god of war Mars - even one himself. The god of war is the hero thirsty for action of the Greek mythology, - he can appear the shape of a soldier sure about victory, a businessman or a social promoted team which wants high out. The brand names of a hero are courage, determination, belligerence and the penetration of own will. What he does in the dream, could address all problems which one has with his objectives. Imagination stories or facts are the material from which the heroes and heroines of modern myths are. Superman, Marilyn Monroe, James Bond and the queen can appear in our dreams as archetypal figures and - like symbolise the gods of the antiquity - certain action manners or objectives. They encourage us maybe to more courage or ambition, - under circumstances we find them not at all engaging, do not want to follow her example. However, one thinks that one has called these shapes even on the plan as a dreamer. If a warrior deploys ready for battle in full armament, almost with certainty because the part of own unconscious who arranged his appearance in the dream wants to press to the action. Suitable is the appearance of a figure which resembles Mercury, presumably a tip to the fact that somebody is involved (one himself or someone else) in a feint. All these figures help us - if we understand her appearance and her intentions in the dream properly - with the Individuationsprozeß, i.e. with the self-discovery (what is one of the major tasks of the dreams). Like all the other dream symbols they are often difficult to arrange. A child, e.g., can see in the dream symbols which refer - cursorily looked - to old age, - however, in the case of the child they stand maybe for the crossing of the childhood in the youth age or from the youth in the adult's age. The heroes and heroines of the mythology can stand, explain even in modern disguising, our 'shades', i.e. the totality of the concealed, suppressed and joyless aspects of our personality, with which we - according to Jung - 'in constant fight for freeing'. In the legends the hero wins as a rule his fight against the enemy who can be a person or a monster, - if he loses him, he goes to the darkness which means a sort of death. This can also happen in the dream, however, one should remember that dreams are creative, - they lead us by the darkness in the light.


To the gods to offer victim, namely to every single one after custom and custom to usual, each promises blessing, either if to them welfare happen is, or if they have escaped the evil. Unholy or after custom and custom usual victim do not prophesy the rage of the gods to which one has sacrificed. Other person see sacrificing is disastrous for a sick person because of the homicide of the sacrificial animal, even if Asklepios is the receiver, - it means the death. The gods with to them falling and for holy held flowers and branches to bekränzen brings all luck, - this will come true, admittedly, not without worries. The face advises a slave to be to his man too for the sake of (Greek charizesthai = favours prove, it is also used in sexual sense) and to fulfil his wishes. If one dreams of wiping images of a god, of anointing, of cleaning or of sweeping the ground before them or of spraying the vicinity of the temples, this indicates that one has trespassed against just those gods. I know somebody who has filed a wrong oath after this dream experience with the God whose statue he believed to clean. And it was this what forecast the face to him, he must ask the God for forgiveness. For everybody it is a bad portent and prophesies big distress if one smashes images of a god and which throws out inside of the house of put up ones, or if one tears down a temple or commits something outrageous inside, - then people who have got in big misfortune, normally lose also the necessary reverence for the gods. If the gods from free pieces go away and her statues collapse, the death approaches the dreaming or one of his members. The gods who sacrifice to other gods mean that the house of the dreaming will become deserted, - then they sacrifice themselves, as soon as there are there no more people. The god's statues which move indicate each fright and concerns, excluded to people who want to languish in chains or go on travelling. From the latter will become single one of the bonds, so that they can move unhindered, it chases away the others of house and court and she drives out. From the gods are detectable one only spiritually, while the others with the senses are to be perceived, - the majority is spiritually detectable, only a few are sensually discernible. The following implementation will make this even clearer. We distinguish with the gods the Olympic ones which we also call ethereal ones, the heavenly ones, the earthly ones, the sea gods and river gods, the subterranean divinities and in her vicinity. One calls ethereal divinities rightly: Zeus, Hera, Aphrodite, Urania, Artemis, Apollon, the ethereal fire and Athena, - heavenly hot ones: Helios, Selene, the stars, the clouds, the winds, the Nebensonnen located among them, the meteors, the brightness and iris. All this one are sensually discernible. By the earthly divinities are to be perceived with the senses: Hekate, Pan, Ephialtes and Asklepios (this also counts to spiritually detectable), - are spiritually detectable: Dioskuren, Herakles, Dionysos, Hermes, Nemesis, Aphrodite Pandemos, Hephaistos, Tyche, Peritho, the Chariten, the Horen, the nymphs and Hestia. From the sea divinities are spiritually detectable: Poseidon, Amphitrite, Nereus, the Nereiden, Leukothea and Phorkys, - sensually discernibly: the sea, the waves, strands, rivers, lakes, the nymphs and Acheloos. Subterranean divinities are: Pluton, Persephone, Demeter, Kore, Iakchos, Sarapis, Isis, Anubis, Harpokrates, the subterranean Hekate, the Furies which these accompanying demons and Phobos and Deimos, from sons of the are gennant unite also become. Of are one must add the earthly one as well as to the subterranean divinities. The divinities in her vicinity are: Okeanos, Tethys, Kronos, the titans and the nature of the Alls. From the performed divinities the Olympic high-powered men and women are favorable, the heavenly ones, however, to people from the middle class, the earthly ones to the arms. The subterranean divinities bring mostly only farmers and people who avoid the light of the public, luck, the sea divinities and river divinities to the sailors and all who earn her living from the water or by the water. The divinities surrounding they are to all of evil, excluded philosophers and seers, - then these stretch her thoughts up to the borders of the Alls. Easier to remember it is fine to speak individually of every divinity. First I want to treat the Olympic gods. To look Zeus independently, as well as we are in habit to fancy him, or his statue with the clothes peculiar to him is luck-promising for a ruling and for empires, - then it strengthens of the ersteren position, the latter wealth. To a sick person it promises recovery, and also he brings the remaining person blessing. Always it is better, the God stand quiet or on his throne sit and without seeing movement, - nevertheless, he moves, he brings luck if he turns after sunrise, - misfortune, however, if he to itself after sundown, also if he does not carry the clothes peculiar to him. It means that the enterprises of the dreaming will be unsuccessfully and feebly. Hera means the same like Zeus, to men, however, in lower measure to women. The same like Hera means Rhea. Artemis brings people who live in escape, welfare, - then because of the word 'artemis' which means 'healthy' and 'healthy' protects them the persons concerned against all concerns. Also to bearing women the goddess is merciful, because it is called Locheia. She is especially conducive to hunters because of her epithet Agrotera and fishermen as a Limnatis. Further she prophesies the location of run away slaves and lost things, because nothing escapes the goddess. Always Artemis is a hunter, Elaphebolos = Hirscherlegerin) in view of enterprises more favourably as an Agrotera and as an Elaphebolos (Agrotera =, as if it is shown in other manner. Who wants to lead a life in cleanness, to that the goddess dressed in long garment is weighed, thus, e.g., the Ephesische, the Pergäische and those which becomes with the Lykiern Eleuthera gennat. It makes no difference whether one looks the goddess himself, as well as we fancy them, or her statue, - then whether the gods seem personified or as statues created from transient material they have the same meaning. However, welfare or evil appears more quickly if one looks the gods, and not only her statues. To see Artemis naked, is disastrous, in any case, for each (Aktaion, a nice young hunter, saw the maiden goddess Artemis in the bath and, therefore, was transformed by her in a deer and was torn by his own dogs). Apollon brings luck to artistic artists, - then he is the inventor of the eloquence and all artistic arts. Also to doctors he is weighed, because he is called Paieon (assistant and rescuer). Of distant seers and philosopher, - he promises to them completion and fame. He brings to light the concealed, because one equates him with Helios. Apollon Delphinios normally indicates travelling and movements. Athena is conducive because of her epithet to craftsmen, - it is called Ergane (master craftswoman, Werkerin). Also marrying, - she promises a respectable and domestic wife. From good premeaning she is also philosophers, because the goddess is valid as an embodiment of the pure thinking, - so one also says that she has arisen from the brain. She brings farmers blessing, - then in the view of the philosophers she has the same meaning like the earth. To the men moving in the war she promises success, - she has the same meaning like are. Hetären and adulteress against it joins in they badly, also women who want to marry, - then the goddess is maiden. The ethereal fire brings all luck, particularly sick people, - it is to them a sign of the rescue because deads do not take pleasure his. Now I want to speak in the following of the heavenly gods. Helios brings all welfare if he rises in the east beaming and purely and sets in the west, - he wakes up because from the sleep and comes floating for acting, - to others he promises the birth of sons, - then parents are in habit to add her boys to the pet name 'the suns'. He frees slaves, - the people also call the freedom 'the sun'. He helps all others to possession and property. Against it he damages to people who want to avoid the light of the public and stay undiscovered, - then he uncovers everything and makes all things slightly recognizable. Helios, in the west rising, brings to light the secrets of those which believe to have remained concealed, he gives to the sick person if he has already despaired, again confidence and registers the ocular sick person that he will not go blind, - then after long night this will look the daylight again. He leads back the away from home staying in the native country, even if this has already given up hope for return. He promises luck to everybody which intends to travel to the west, - he promises the homecoming from that zone to him. And to that who expects return from the west of somebody he indicates that the desired is already on the journey home. To all others he thwarts every enterprise and every hope and does not let wishes and plans come true, - he moves because in one of his nature opposite road, then suffers as can be thought, all and every part under it. In any case, the dreaming is also a part of the Alls. According to the explained examples one must interpret it if Helios rises in the south or the north or sets in the south or the north. If Helios seems dark, bloody-red or from awful appearance, he indicates each evil and evil, - soon he prophesies shutdown of the shops, soon to the children of the dreaming illness or any danger or the dreaming an eye complaint. Against it he is conducive according to experience to people who want to remain concealed or live in fear, - one will stay undiscovered, the others nothing bad suffer, - then Helios with dark light illuminates less. If Helios descends to the earth, he indicates blaze and arson. He means the same if he enters any dwelling. If Helios lies in somebody bed and he threatens, he prophesies heavy illness and inflammations, speaks or, however, shows he something good, the wealth promises, to many it announces the birth of sons. Darkens Helios, he brings each to evil, excluded to people who want to stay undiscovered or pursue dark machinations, - in this case at least he forecasts loss of sight or the death of children. If one looks Helios not in his true shape, but how he lives in our image, that is in human form with the equipment of a carriage driver, he brings athletes, distant people who plan a trip and carriage drivers luck, - sick people against it he is dangerous and fateful. Always it is better to see penetrating the beaming light of the Helios into the house, however, as a Helios, - then the light which allows to shine the house in brighter shine means increase in property, Helios that the passengers the menacing evil are not endured, - then one can look to him impossibly in the face. Nothing good indicates it if Helios gives something or takes something, in the ersteren case it means to dangers, in the last the death. Always it is better to see the statue of this God in a temple on a base put up as the God, as well as one fancies him, - then this dream face prophesied, the luck becomes more perfect, the misfortune be less difficult. If he appears in such a way as he is and how one sees him in the sky, then in this case he also is from good premeaning. Selene (lunar goddess) means the wife and the mother of the dreaming, - it is revered as a seamstress, - then the daughter and sister, - then them is called Kore. Further she means money, prosperity and the business because one settles accounts at the end of every month. The coxswains the course, - further direct the navigation, because after her road then the eyes of the dreaming because she is also an originator of the seeing and mistress. However, all gods a common respect with the rulers have it, the old word says namely the gods to the male ones, the goddesses to the female rulers, - appropriately: 'Rule has God's power.' If Selene increases, she means immediately or indirectly a use by the called, she decreases, accordingly a damage just from the same. The same interpretation is valid if several Selenen appear or if located in the sky the darkens. If one dreams of seeing his own face in Selene, it prophesies to a childless the birth of a son, a woman those of a daughter, - both will look a face similar to them, that is a child. Luck brings it then bankers, Gläubigern and Eranarchen, - they will make big income. Well it is also for people who want themselves hervortun, while it those which avoid the light of the public transfers. Suffer and sea traveller heaps them away, one by dropsy, because she is humid from nature, the others by wreck. All the best what promises Helios, also promises Selene. Also all evil, however, always in lower measure, - then them owns less warmth than Helios. Further she means that the fulfilment will arrive not without co-operation of a female person. If one looks the stars everybody together, radiant and purely, is in view of a trip, on other enterprises and the incentive of dark machinations a good portent, - the stars do not have because the same meaning like Helios or Selene, - then they are also visible without this, however, those appear, they will sparkle either totally invisibly or more darkly. If one does not want to go wrong in the interpretation, one must lay out every stars for himself alone after his colour, size, movement or after the form of the movement. Soonest one comes to clear results if one goes out from the method applied in the star observation. From the stars everybody causes single according to his active strength the fulfilment. So, e.g., the stars which cause storm, discords, dangers and excitement, those which heralds of nice weather are, good shops, luck days and rich income. The stars which lead up the summer solstice indicate a change to the better, of the winter solstice one to the worse. Some of them also cause exits which correspond to the fables which act from them. It would be too extensive to speak of everybody single from these, particularly as her knowledge may be assumed with all things with all educated people. Fading stars (every person stands in invisible connection with a special star which rises at the same time with his birth and goes out in his death) mean to empires big poverty and desolation, - the sky resembles because the house of the dreaming, the stars to the having located in it and property and the people. To arms they prophesy the death. Only to the people who want to explain a shameful crime is this dream face of good premeaning, - they will achieve her aim, even if they venture prodigious. I heard from somebody, to him has dreamt that the stars of the sky have faded, - to the person concerned all hair fell out, - then like the sky to the universe is connected, according to the head to the body, and just as hold back the stars to the sky, the hair behaves to the head. Neither are to the earth descending stars of good meaning - they prophesy the death of many people, namely the big ones to the respectable personalities, small and get dark to the easy and usual people - nor makes to luck steal stars in the dream, - those who dreamt of it mostly became temple robbers. Admittedly, they remain not concealed, but were seized, - they explained her plan, as well as had also seized of the stars, however, were arrested because they ventured near something what exceeds human strength. Also it is good in the dream nobody to eat stars, except to seers and astronomers, - this it means good salary and increase in property, - to all others it prophesies the death. A bad sign is also to see, Nevertheless, stars under his, - either will obliterate the house and lose his roof, so that the stars also shine inside, or the landlord will die. The Nebensonnen, the meteors, the brightness and the so-called hair and beard stars mean the same what the stars located above the aerial zone normally cause. Iris (goddess of the rainbow, servant of Hera and god's messenger who sees on the rainbow to the people herniedersteigt), to the rights brings luck, to the lefts, misfortune. Right and left one has to judge not from the location of the dreaming, but from him of the sun from. As she may also appear, in any case, she brings the blessing which live in big poverty or, otherwise, a bad distress, - then she always turns the weather and changes the atmosphere. To all, however, which are in a clip is a change of the existing relations of use. Bright clouds indicate good shops and bring concealed, the blazing red ones mean shutdown of the shops, the dark dejection and the black grief finally and grief. Mildly and softly blowing hoist it are from good premeaning, violent and impetuous ones call disagreeable and thoughtless people, whirlwinds and immense storms lead up dangers and big excitement. One notes further that the hoist which wrap the sky completely in clouds each bring bad luck, luck only to those which want to be hidden, - hoist which cause clear weather mean the opposite. To all which travelling expect back those winds are always favorable which blow from the cardinal points where the travelling are, while the headwinds hold back the persons concerned. So much about the heavenly gods, - the earthly ones one indicates best of all as follows. The sensually discernible divinities bring on fears, dangers and bad distress, - then already on the day they cause such hardship, if they andringen. If they appear, everybody means single something miscellaneous and something what has with the other nothing commonly. If one looks, e.g., dreigestaltige, on a base standing Hekate, it means movements and trips, - the goddess is called Enodia (goddess on the ways). eingestaltige against it each is disastrous, mostly she says that man or woman, bad happens to one of a stranger. Always she throws the dreaming from his usual life road and gives him no pausing in it, indifferently in which shape she also appears always. If the goddess moves or she meets somebody, she means the fulfilments which correspond to her position, her appearance and her attributes. Is devoutly to be spoken of it neither nor geheuer, - in the mysteries of the goddess insiders the thing is clear, the not insiders may be taught from the insiders. Pan brings shepherds as a custodian of the herds, and hunters as man of the wild luck. He means to all others confusion and excitement, and that the things of which is proud have no firm Betsand, - then the God has no surely appearing feet (he has the legs of the goat who are suitable to the jump, less to the standing position). Some take the view, he is to theatrical people of good premeaning. Though Ephialtes is equated with Pan, however, means miscellaneous, - he presses and presses one without speaking, he means urge ale and oppressions, however what he answers a question, is the pure truth. If he gives a little bit or he operates with somebody sexually, he promises big material profit, particularly if, besides, he does not weight. How he also behaves with his arrival, he makes sick people again healthy, - never because he approaches to a dying. If one looks Asklepios in a temple put up, on a base standing and honoured, is for everybody a good portent, - however, he moves, he gets closer or he steps in the house, he prophesies illness and epidemic, - then just in such miseries the people of the help of this God need. To those which are quite ill he promises healing, - the God is called, as everybody knows, Paieon (like Apollons epithet). Always Asklepios points to benefactor which help in emergency times, and on the people who administer the house of the dreaming. In processes he calls the defenders. The Dioskuren (Castor and Polydeukes (Pollux), the sons Zeus) swear to seafarers to storm, to people on the mainland disputes, processes, war or heavy illness up, - however, they turn away finally the people all dangers without damage, - they are saving gods. To look Herakles or his statue brings to all which live after good intentions and in the harmony with the law, luck, particularly when they suffer wrong of somebody, - then as long as the God on earth stays, he was always an assistant and avenger of the pressed. For same reason he is for law dispraiser and malefactor of bad premeaning. Against it he brings their luck which proceed to a competition, to a process or lawsuit, - the God is called Kallinikos (glorious winners). If one dreams of leading the same life-style like the God of co-operating with him, of dividing the same food, of carrying the same clothes or of getting the lion's fur, the club or, otherwise, a weapon of him, this is as the observation teaches, for each disastrous and from bad premeaning, - to this view I have come on grounds of long experience. That's why and quite consistently dream experiences cannot go out such happily, - then the God lets the dreaming take part in the life which he himself has led, - were these efforts however full a life and plague when he stayed on earth, even if it introduced shine and fame in him. Often the dream face prophesies, one will have to insist such dangers how it had to exist the God when he bore the concerning arms. Dionysos is to country people, the tree fruits, particularly shoots, cultivate useful, - distant bar owners and all theatrical people. He brings welfare also to those which are in a bad distress, - then already by his name he announces the end the evil and the redemption of them, - he is called Dionysos because he brings every thing to his end (Dionysos from dianyein = accomplish). against it he points to weaklings and particularly boys because of the story which one tells of the God (jealous Hera gave Semele which was pregnant at that time already in the sixth month the advice to require from her mysterious lover that he should appear to her in his true nature and shape. When Zeus appeared in the flash, Semele was consumed. But Hermes saved her six month-old son, while he

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